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Teaching Reproduction to Kids

Biology - Ms Oppenhiemer - Miyu

Mariana Traslosheros

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Reproduction to Kids

Why does it work? When two people really love each other
and decide to have children, they put the
reproduction machine to work.... How does it work? Fertilization When does it work? BABIES! Sex Sex is when the female and male sex organs join in order to get the sperm to the egg cell for fertilization During sex, the male cells (sperms) will find their way
into the female sex organs and eventually to the egg cell... this, as you know, results in fertilization! Well, actually it only fully works a certain time of the month. When your mom or the female is around the 14th day of their "menstrual cycle" REPRODUCTION Where do we come from? EVER WONDER WHERE EXACTLY DID YOU COME FROM? well.... it's actually quite easy: But First, let's take a look at the reproduction machine! Say Hello to the reproduction machine.... It is responsible for the making of babies... But of course it works a certain way and on a certain time for certain reasons... So, let's find out about that: What is the menstrual cycle? Actually, it's a little more complicated than that: It works because both mom and dad have a special body structure to help the making of you and your siblings! What are those body structures? Special Body Structures = Reproductive Organs Mom and Dad both have body parts called reproductive organs or sex organs which together help make babies Mom has a Vagina Dad has a Penis They make special cells that when
joining will create a baby The Menstrual Cycle Have you ever notice how on a particular week of the month your mom is not her normal self... Well there's a reason for that... and it's called the menstrual cycle also known as periods... It comes every 28 days, if the woman does not become pregnant around the 14th day of the past cycle. When a woman is on her "period" she bleeds through her vagina if the man does not fertilize her. What do we mean by "fertilize her"? Simple as that Both female and male sex organs make special cells
that when joined create babies! The joining process is called fertilization What are those special cells? Female Males When boys reach a certain age their bodies start making sperm, just like they make saliva and blood already Sperm cells look like tadpoles, but they are so small that you can't see them! Unless you use a microscope. Boys make millions of sperms cells each day!

Sperm cells are responsible for fertilizing and egg cell (female cell) so babies are made! When girls start having
their periods they start
to make egg cells. Eggs cells are big enough to be seen without microscope When they meet up with a sperm cell, the sperm fertilizes it and a baby is made! Fertilization... is the process when the sperm cell meets with the egg cell and join to make a baby Nine months after that moment, a baby is born When, how and why does fertilization happen? So this is when it gets a little complicated... When we combine: - Lot's of love
- Menstrual Cycle
- Fertilization
- Sex organs We can make babies... The problem is that we are missing one very important step: Sex And this step happens inside the reproduction machine... let's take a look at that What is it? It happens through the combination of: - Sex organs
- Menstrual Cycle
- Love It happens because: - People really love each other
- Couples want to have kids Some important points to understand about Sex: - If the woman is not around the 14th day of her menstrual cycle, having sex would not results in a baby - Woman can only get pregnant by having sex, but sex has grown to become more than just for reproduction - Sex is closely related to love and intimacy - Sex is known and characterized by producing pleasure known as sexual pleasure or orgasms - Sex has emotional and physical consequences because of the level of intimacy and reproduction So what does sex and
fertilization result in? And once fertilization happens... A baby is on it's way!
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