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Store Information

Visual Merchandising

Shelbi Owens

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Store Information

512 warehouse Target Customer * Women between the ages of 18-24 within the lower-middle to middle economic class who have a desire to show off their unique style.
* Young men, ages 18-24, within the lower-middle to middle economic class who want to shop somewhere that’s no-fuss, no-muss, with a laid back atmosphere.
* Austin has a combined total of 199,979 men and women, ages 18-24. (2010, U.S. Bureau of Census) MISSION STATEMENT "To provide gently used clothing of the utmost quality with customer service and a shopping experience to match." Marketing Objectives 1. Increase store awareness amongst target market by 30% in first year 2. Partner with a local designer every six months to feature his or her clothing items in the store 3. Improve merchandise offerings and stimulate buy-backs by hosting a special “Buy Back” event every quarter 4. Become the highest-rated resale shop in Austin, TX by the 4th year of business 5. Open a second store location in the SOCO area of Austin by the 4th year of business * Advertisements in UT Daily, other periodicals
* Artistic posters located in coffee shops, restaurants, and local hotspots throughout the city.
* Host grand opening buying event within the first week of business.
* Create various social media accounts. * Select a local designer whose clothing matches the style of our merchandise and target customer.
* Set up a special display area dedicated to their merchandise.
* Shop would receive a 5% commission on the designer items sold. * Post flyers and posters on various campuses throughout Austin that will promote buy-back services and special events.
* Send out emails and posts on social media accounts that advertise current inventory needs and “most-wanted” buy-backs during these events.
* Promote buy-backs while increasing in-store purchases by offering higher store credit percentages during these events. * Build and maintain strong customer loyalty amongst the community by providing exceptional service and a unique atmosphere.
* Create meaningful touch-points with loyal customers through emails, Facebook messages, and in-store interaction by offering them exclusive and personalized specials.
* Generate excitement about the store by offering customers a new experience each time they shop. Changing up store displays and visual installations will keep the atmosphere exciting and encourage repeat visits.
* Encourage customers to vote for Warehouse 512 in the annual “Best of Austin” poll through word-of-mouth and social media. * Start scouting for a second location by the 3rd year of business and begin store plan development.
* Open a temporary tent location on South Congress during year 3 to evaluate the new location and community.
* Start promoting new location and hosting “coming soon” events by the end of the 3rd year. Increase store awareness amongst target market by 30% in first year Partner with a local designer every six months to feature his or her clothing items in the store Improve merchandise offerings and stimulate buy-backs by hosting a special “Buy Back” event every quarter Become the highest-rated resale shop in Austin, TX by the 4th year of business Open a second store location in the SOCO area of Austin by the 4th year of business 1 2 3 4 5 brand IMAGE * When people think of Warehouse 512, they should think of the cool, casual atmosphere and the laid-back, warehouse-style interior that allows them to feel comfortable while shopping.
* Customers should also think of Warehouse 512 as a local store that supports the community, local buying, and Austin pride. Austin is home to 757,688 residents according to Austintexas.org. It is also known as the “Live Music Capital of The World” on its website and is also popular for its restaurants and unique culture. Austin has many attractions and its shopping is definitely one of them. Warehouse 512 will open in the Second Street District alongside chic retail stores, coffee shops, and living spaces in a vibrant urban setting. Warehouse 512 is an eclectic and eccentric resale shop that buys and sells trendy used clothing to Austin’s local fashionistas on a budget. The name Warehouse 512 creates an image in the customer’s mind that a variety of items will be sold in the store. Including Austin’s area code in the store name also creates a feeling of exclusivity for Austinites AUSTIN & Warehouse 512 why Store Merchandise men's & women's gently-used clothing, shoes, and accessories Dani Chavez, Laura Ceballos, Shelbi Owens window #2 Warehouse 512's second window is entitled "Extra, Extra: Plaid Is Rad!" It displays trendy plaid apparel that is carried at the store. Newspapers that contain "articles" concerning plaid as a popular trend line the back wall and floor of the display window. The merchandise will consist of plaid men's and women's clothing. There will also be a conversational chalkboard sign and vintage chair that will correlate with the store's overall atmosphere. 2. 1. 3. Small vintage chairs in each fitting room provide convenience for shoppers Floor stand mirrors in the fitting rooms are functional and provide old-school charm Wood planks surround fitting room stalls, brightly patterned wallpapers line each, & vintage curtains provide privacy 1. 2. 3. Dark wood floors throughout the store provide a sense of warmth Walls are primarily exposed brick with a single accent wall of white washed wood panels The seating area is convenient and welcoming with two broken-in leather armchairs, a large ottoman, patterned throw pillows, and a plush white area rug 1. 2. 3. 4. Vintage paintaings, bunting, and various banners will decorate the walls Warehouse 512 will stand apart from other second-hand shops by ensuring that the store maintains an especially pleasing fragance Customers will enjoy listening to trendy and upbeat alternative pop music while browsing The color scheme: dark grey, deep brown, rich blue, vintage green, & yellow chartreuse 6. 4 1 8. 2 5 3 7. 10. 9. 512 warehouse Logo the The Warehouse 512 logo communicates the inspiration behind the store's style and atmospherics. Old photographs of clothing lines and strings of lights strung between high-rise apartment buildings inspired the idea of a warehouse theme mixed with fun touches, such as bunting and lights. This, along with the store's general color scheme, can be seen in the logo. Opperational signs This sign hangs above the fitting rooms. The bunting remains consistent with the overall style of the store. These signs offer directions for customers looking to buy or sell clothing. The "Sell Here" sign also helps to communicate our buy-back feature to new customers. Fitting Room Sign: "Buy/Sell Here" Signs: Conversational sign Sidewalk Sign: The chalkboard sidewalk sign sits outside of the main entrance and is used to catch customers' attention. The chalkboard allows this conversational sign to be erased and updated daily. Funny and attention-grabbing phrases are written on the sign to engage customers and to set a fun and inviting tone for the store. Warehouse 512 uses industrial wooden crates to showcase shoe selections and accessories. The crates are considered wall fixtures and are located on the back, left, and right walls of the store. Crates were chosen as a primary wall fixture because they are unique and add to the "vintage warehouse" atmosphere. Specialty 4-way stands are placed on industrial-style carts and are used at the front of the store to display the most current and trendy apparel. The two on the far left are designated for men's apparel and the four on the right are reserved for women’s apparel. The 4-way stands are made of recycled wood and metal piping which coordinates with the rest of the store. An equal mixture of rods and shelving fixtures are used to display the higher-end and collectible vintage clothing selections along the left and right walls of the store. Three seperate fixtures, each containing hanging rods and shelving units, are located on each wall - those on the left side of the store are for men's merchandise, and those on the right are for women's merchandise. Recycled metal piping creates the clothing rods, and recycled wood creates the shelving units, adding to the industrial atmosphere. The wall fixtures are "prime" retail real estate, so they are used to keep specialty items separate from regular priced clothing. Cubes and crates ranging in size are featured on the back accent wall and are used to display small accessories, hats, and trendy shoes. These items will be in close proximity to the fitting room which allows customers to easily pick up accessory items as they are trying on apparel. Warehouse 512 utilizes sixteen round clothing racks to display regular merchandise throughout the middle of the sales floor. Because Warehouse 512 is an upscale resale shop, there will be huge amounts of varying apparel with very few multiples. Therefore, rounders allow customers the most ease when browsing through merchandise. These rounders are arranged in a free-flow style that encourages customers to shop around the store. The merchandise on these racks will be separated by gender, then style, and finally by size. The tops of these fixtures also serve as a means of displaying shoes, hats, and other accessories. The ten rounders at the right of the store will display women’s merchandise. The six rounders at the far left of the store will feature men’s merchandise. Warehouse 512 has two seperate cash wraps. The one on the far right is used for buy-backs and is where customers will go if they are selling their own clothing. The cash wrap on the far left is used for regular customer purchases. These cash wraps feature wood-top counters and walls of recycled, galvanized metal siding which completes the industrial atmosphere of the store. Warehouse 512 uses 17 large, fluorescent, warehouse-style pendants as the primary source of light. Fluorescent lighting is best suited for ambient lighting due to its inexpensiveness and color rendering abilities. In the stock room, 6 plain fluorescent lights will be used. 18 halogen track lights are used as accent lighting throughout the store. These lights highlight merchandise and are designed to move customers from one highlighted clothing rack to another. For each of the fitting rooms and each cash wrap, smaller cage pendant lighting is used to provide the appropriate amount of light to each task area. There will be 18 task lights total. Cash Wrap Mirror Vintage & Collectible Clothing Items Small Accessories Large Accessories RATIONALE the Warehouse 512 will place two vintage dress forms, one male and one female, towards the front of the store to display trendy and popular clothing for women and men. These dress forms will allow customers to visualize potential outfits and inspire them to shop for multiple peices, increasing the number of purchases. There will also be four vintage bust forms, two per department, that are placed on top of the round rack floor fixtures. This will further communicate with customers by visually displaying potential outfits throughout the rest of the store. Because Warehouse 512 is a gently-used clothing store, recycled vintage dress forms will be used in place of traditional mannequins in order to further communicate the vintage warehouse theme. Storefront Windows Window Display #1 Trend Board Mannequin with men's
vintage outfit

Mannequin with women's
vintage outfit

Vintage table

Vinyl records (20-30)
hung from fishing wire

Vintage record player {PLAID} the end
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