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Phosphoric Acid In Soda

No description

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Phosphoric Acid In Soda

Phosphoric Acid In Soda
How much Phosphoric Acid is in these four sodas?
But first...
What is Phosphorus?
Where is Phosphorus?
A non-metal element
1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p3
has 5 electrons in its valence shell
has 10 electrons in it core shells
has an electrical charge of -3
In Food:
Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Legumes, Meat, Dairy.
Mineral World
Phosphate rock- Ca3(PO4)2
Where is it?
Why is it in soda?
Red Phosphorous converted to H3PO4
Why do we care?
There are varying amounts of Phosphoric Acid in the 4 sodas tested.
Procedure & Errors
Equipment: Clean burette; beakers, graduated cylinders; eye dropper; pill magnet and base; magnetic wand; NaOH 0.9M; phynylphtalein; deionized water; 4 soda samples containing H3PO4; disposal jar; goggles; aprons; gloves.
White Phosphorus
Red Phosphorus
Phosphorus (V) Oxide
Phosphorus (III) Oxide
Phosphoric Acid
Tangy flavor
Slows growth of mold
How much is in our sodas?
Too much
Too little
Phosphoric Acid:
Sneaky addition
Too much
It's a salt
Procedures: We followed all lab safety rules; cleaned our equipment; measured carefully our samples; added 4 drops phenylphtalein to each; added 100ml de-i water for dilution; created control color set for each sample; slowly titrated NaOH into sample until slight color change remained signaling endpoint of neutralization; measured and calculated amount of NaOH used; disposed of acid/base mixtures; cleaned equipment; calculated data; created this fabulous presentation.
Errors: We are but human; Sodas contain small amounts of acids in addition to H3PO4; the brown color made it difficult to determine color change and exact endpoint; sprite, fanta, & root beer do not have any H3PO4-oops!; NaOH was mixed by other humans; we think we understand this stuff.
Why did we do this?
To determine how much H3PO4 is in each of the four sodas.
For one of us, negative nutritional evidence to discourage soda drinking.
For the other of us, positive justification that Diet Dr. Pepper is the best of the bad choices.
Data supports both angles.
Our data supports our hypothesis that each soda contains a different amount of H3PO4.
Molarities of H3PO4
Coke: avg 2.40 ml NaOH
0.009M/l x 0.00240l/0.005l = 0.0043m/l
Cherry Coke: avg 2.14 ml NaOH
0.009m/l x 0.00214l/0.005l = 0.0039m/l
Diet Coke: avg 1.66 ml NaOH
0.009m/l x 0.00166l/0.005l = 0.0030m/l
Diet Dr. Pepper: avg 0.84 ml NaOH
0.009m/l x 0.00084l/0.005l = 0.0015m/l
Net ionic equation
H3PO4(aq) + 3OH(aq) --> (PO4)3(aq) + 3H20
mg phosphoric acid/liter
M1 x V1 = M2 x V2
H3PO4M x 98g/mol = mg/l
Coke: 0.0043 mol/l x 98g = 0.42mg/l
Cherry Coke: 0.0039 mol/l x 98g = 0.38 mg/l
Diet Coke: 0.0030 mol/l x 98g = 0.29 mg/l
Diet Dr. Pepper: 0.0015 mol/l x 98g = 0.15 mg/l
mg of Phosphorus per 12oz
Coke: 47.7 mg
(H3PO4 mg/l x 32%) x 355ml = mg/12oz
Cherry Coke: 43.2 mg
Diet Coke: 32.9 mg
Diet Dr. Pepper: 17.0 mg
Cherry Coke
Diet Coke
Diet Dr. Pepper
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