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Oil Is a fossil Fuel

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on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Oil Is a fossil Fuel

Oil Is a fossil Fuel!
This is some info about the fossil fuel...OIL!
Oil is a flammable substance. Also a very slippery type of liquid. This fossil fuel is used chemically, too.
Disadvantages of using Oil
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Oil, is present between the rock formations inside the earth. It is then, processed underground, and pumped out.
How oil is used by us humans

We use oil in many forms every day, for example: electricity, transportation, heating homes, and many other ways.
Advantages of using Oil
Some advantages for using oil (there are many, but we won't list them all or else this bubble will pop) like for example, we use heating every day and that uses electricity made
How it is formed
Oil, is formed by decayed matter with heat and immense pressure. This process takes many, many years. Let's see this video!!
Where it is found on earth
It is found commonly in the Middle East ( Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran) and many other countries in the world.
Some disadvantages of using oil are that oil is an non-renewable energy. Therefore, oil will run out. Another disadvantage of oil is that once, the oil is out of the ground, it will take millions of years to form back again.

Produced by: Shriya and Risini
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