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Distributed Green Data Center Feasibility

No description

David Gower

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Distributed Green Data Center Feasibility

Data & Constraints
Location Solar/Wind power potential and kWh utility rates:
Potsdam, NY
Phoenix, AZ
Chicago, IL
Orlando, FL
St. Louis, MO
Distributed Green Data Centers
Connecting the dots for increased efficiency and a cleaner future...
Traditional Data Centers are large & centralized
They consume approximately 2% of all electricity in US
On average < 10% of the servers are actively working
Even when not active they consume 50% or more of the electricity they consume when active.
More efficient
Better for environment

Data on Data Centers
Presented by:
Shona Arduine
Aubrey Billings
David Gower
Kevin Ng

Local Internet access
Internet Backbone Provider
Physical Server Somewhere
Optimize for Five
Potential Locations

Green Data Centers Locations
Potsdam, NY
Chicago, IL
St. Louis, MO
Orlando, FL
Phoenix, AZ
77,728,000 MWh x 82% power consumption for idle computers
= 63,736,960 MWh WASTED!
Small Distributed
Data Centers
High density
Highly efficient
Can be located outside
Uses ambient air cooling
Co-located with renewable energy (Solar PV / Wind)
Renewable Technologies:
Solar PV
Solar / Wind System Size:
100kW > Integer > 20kW
Data Center operates 24/7 and consumes 10kW /hr x 8760 hrs. per year = 87600 kWh/yr
Data Center revenue = $50/hr or $438,000 / yr.
Data Center Unit costs $250,000 each
Solar costs $3000/kWp
Wind costs $4500/kWp
Total investment across all 5 sites cannot exceed $3 million
When Temp >30C extra 5kW power used to cool Datacenter
Building Formulas
Objective Function: $ Solar < Wind
All 5 locations select solar installations

Alternative 1: $ Solar = Wind
Wind selected for Potsdam, Chicago & St. Louis.
Solar selected for Phoenix & Orlando
Alternative 2: $ Solar > Wind
Wind selected for all sites except for Potsdam where Solar PV is selected
Best 3 Solar options:
Chicago, Orlando, St. Louis
Potsdam NY Example:
([Data Center Revenue – (Total Power Consumed –(Solar Power * X)) * Utility Rate)] x 3 Years)/(Total Investment)
S1 * ([$1,285,760.025 + 387.768X1])/($250,000+$3000X1) + W1 * ([$1,285,760.025 + 556.935X2])/($250,000+$4,500X2) + S2 * ([$1,282,910.4 + 537.336X3])/($250,000+$3000X3)+ W2*([$1,282,910.4 + 69.87X4])/($250,000+$4,500X4) + S3 * ([$1,288,767.525 + 354.255X5])/($250,000+$3,000X5) + W3 * ([$1,288,767.525 + 642.960X6])/($250,000+$4,500X6) + S4 * ([$1,288,264.68 + 394.8X7])/($250,000+$3000X7) + W4 * ([$1,286,572.68 + 393.66X8])/($250,000+$4,500X8) + S5 * ([$1,293,729.75 + 301.95X9])/($250,000+$3,000X9) + W5 * ([$1,293,729.75 + 432.45X10])/($250,000+$4,500X10)
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