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Mainak Raj Dutta

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Caterpillar

Caterpillar Inc.
Caterpillar Inc. sells and manufactures
Construction and mining equipment.

Diesel and natural gas engines.

Diesel and electric locomotives.

Industrial gas turbines.
Our Plan Continued...
a counterweight assembly
storage space for 700 crankshafts
remanufacturing area
3600 Rod inspection area
Impliment lean into:
cell design
layout design
functionality of the alterations
Crane Issue

Doug Oberhelman is chairman of the Board of Directors and chief executive officer (CEO) of Caterpillar Inc.

Oberhelman was named vice chairman and CEO-elect in October 2009, and immediately began to develop the company’s future strategic plan. Since becoming CEO on July 1, 2010, and chairman on November 1, 2010, he has led the successful implementation of that plan.
Vice President of Caterpillar Inc.

Kim Hauer is chief human resources officer and a vice president of Caterpillar Inc. with responsibility for the Human Services Division. She has responsibility for Corporate Human Resources, Corporate Affairs, Caterpillar University, Compensation + Benefits, Medical, Sustainable Development and Environment, Health and Safety.

Since joining Caterpillar in 1997 as part of the company’s HR Professional Development Program, she has held numerous positions with increasing responsibilities in the areas of human resources, labor relations and succession planning, including a role as a compensation and benefits manager for Caterpillar’s Logistics Division based in Belgium. Hauer was most recently a Group & Regional HR Director based in Geneva, Switzerland. In December 2010, the Caterpillar Board of Directors named Hauer chief HR officer and vice president of the Human Service Division.
Caterpillar was founded in 1925 as Caterpillar Tractor Company.

Changed its name to Caterpillar Inc. in 1986.

Caterpillar Inc. is headquatered in Peoria (U.S.)

Caterpillar Inc. employes over 1,50,000 people globally.

The HR professional typically will spend one year in a business unit, one year as a global process owner and one year in a shared services environment. Applicants accepted into the HR Professional Development Program must be willing to relocate. At the end of the rotational program, the HR professional will be placed into a final assignment.
Mainak Raj Dutta
Career Development in HR
Career Development in HR
Peer mentor from the HR Professional Development Program
Experienced HR professional mentor assigned to each employee
Virtual team meetings monthly
Scheduled visits to various facilities
Informal team social activities
Opportunity to participate in various senior HR manager meetings and interact with senior HR managers

Thank You!
In the last 10 years, participation in CSAS-sponsored events has grown from roughly 9,000 to approximately 25,000,

Some of those activities include golf and bowling tournaments, a fishing derby, bus trips to Chicago to see the Cubs, Blackhawks and Bulls, plus a trek to St. Louis for Cardinals baseball. Every December there's a weekend trip offered to Chicago.

The CSAS has been working with the Caterpillar Health and Wellness Team. The organizations partner in supporting the basketball, volleyball and softball leagues, along with bowling tournaments and road races held in Chicago.

Engagement Activities
The company credits improved employee engagement with an annual saving of $8.8 million from the drop in attrition, absenteeism, and turnover rates at their European Plant and a 70% increased of output in their Asia Pacific Plant.
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