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Returning to Haifa: A close analysis

Prezi for ENG. 216

Shawn Olsen

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Returning to Haifa: A close analysis

A story of Life:
Built off three themes. Imprisonment Within Oneself:
(Understanding, Truth, and Change) By Shawn Olsen Theme of Truth These themes Combined: Theme of Change Extra Video Theme of Understanding People ask themselves,
"What's worse?" Telling a story leads to inner change. Returning to Haifa. (as seen previously) Theme of Truth Theme of Change The perils the couple faces is great. They fight against themselves, for themselves. When choosing a life to live, they're given no crossroad, but only a single path. Theme of Understanding Said. S and Saffiya in contrast with Dov acts as a middle ground: transmittance of those morals. Miriam and Iphrat Analysis of "Returning To Haifa" by Ghassan Kanafani What is Life? A journey of challenges. A trial of courage. A chance to tell your story. This is a story that is more about understanding, rather than accepting. Living with doubt? Or living with Truth? "Dov" doesn't want to accept the Truth Chooses his reality as the life he'll live. Puts Said and Saffiya into
a state of Understanding Looking between the lines, the truth gives them emotional rest. Change is always happening; stories are always being told and created. Change is evidence that a story alters a life. Said and Saffiya Understand the Truth, and
this leads to their inner change. Their lives are given purpose through change. Their Return freed them from their Imprisonment Within. Understanding that life is different for everyone. No acceptance is necessary, we "have to understand." Dov is his own person; they all find out the Truth. Through the accepting of the truth, Said and Saffiya change for the better. Life continues on; more stories are created. "Returning to Haifa" And, in the end, A story about Life. IS The End We've got to understand.
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