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Gay Rights

No description

Emanuel Bay

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Gay Rights

Homosexual Rights You will never know which is a homosexual Canada Greece Rome -The earliest documents concerning same-sex relationships came from Ancient Greece

-These relationships usually contained one older and one younger male inspired by "Eros". The relationship had the aim of being beneficial to both parties and having both members strive to be worthy of the other.

-Homosexually natured relationships usually ended in exile or death at this time.
This was all due to the view that it was each individual’s duty to reproduce. Iran Iran: Ancient Greece: In 2007, about 200 men were executed for being gay. When it comes to woman, lesbian sex results in 100 lashes. Saudi Arabia - Before 1970's charged with being a sex offender (Klippert case 1965)
-1967 laws were relaxed on homosexuality
- 1969 homosexuality was decriminalized
-1977 Quebec added "sexual orientation" to their Human Right
-1978 Canada's Immigration Act changed to prevent discrimination against homosexuals
- 1992 allowed to join the army
-1996 Bill C-33 was passed, adding "sexual orientation" into the Canada Human Rights Act
-1999 federal government allowed the same benefits to same-sex couples as common-law couples (M v. H)
-2005 Bill C-38 made it legal for same-sex couples to get married (Canada v. Haplern) Utah Utah: In 1987, Joseph Mitchell Parsons, who called himself the "Rainbow Warrior" claimed that he killed Richard Lynn Ernest to defend against a homosexual advance.
There was no evidence to prove that Ernest was in fact gay or bisexual. Prosecution witnesses testified of Parsons' homosexual activity in jail.A forensic psychiatrist from the University of Utah stated that the descriptions of Parsons' sexual history indicated that he "may have been the one initiating the contact and became angry when Ernest turned him down." Parsons was executed by lethal injection at Utah State Prison in October 1999 According to some educational textbooks in Saudi Arabia, homosexuality is a sin and one of the greatest crimes
Many people have been sentenced to more than 100 lashes, or death Saudi Arabia States where same sex marriage is legal States where same sex marriage is banned Canada: Legend United States Recognition: There are over 190 countries in the world today that DON'T EVEN RECOGNIZE same-sex relationships. -South Sudan
-Burkina Faso
-Democratic Republic of Congo
-Honduras These are just some of the countries have constitutional bans or stand officially and strongly against same-sex marriage. -Uruguay
-Belarus Total States that have it legalized: 7
Total States that have it banned: 19 -Aruba
-The Dominican Republic
-Hawaii -Bulgaria
-Lithuania Yemen United Arab Emirates Sudan Nigeria Mauritania R.I.P By: Julia, Emanuel and Adam References According to the FBI’s Hate Crime Report the number of anti-gay crimes rose to 1,256 in 2011 from 1,206 in 1996 . In Canada the rate of anti-gay hate crimes doubled from 2007-2008. CBC news. (2012, January 12). Retrieved from Timeline Same-Sex rights in Canada: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2012/01/12/f-same-sex-rights.html
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The recommended "cures" consisted of such procedures as:
-Electroshock therapy
-Nausea inducing drugs during the presentation of same-sex erotic images
-A long term therapy designed to resolve unconscious childhood conflicts
-A form of therapy that had a homosexual play the role of heterosexual for most aspects of their life
-A form of therapy that had homosexuals engage in heterosexual sexual acts Religion and homosexuality: Leviticus 20:13 says: “If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads” Everyone deserves the right to be treated equally, regardless of their sexual orientation! In Islamic tradition homosexuality is a crime punishable by death. Our Opinion San Francisco Harvey Milk
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