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No description

Andrea Parr

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Microteach

Unit 18
Managing a Business Event

Steps to Successful Events Management
Twenty Minute Task
Three Groups

Identify 3 risks and propose solutions

What did you feel was the issue most likely to prevent the event being planned efficiently?

General Objectives

To introduce the business event planning process
To introduce risk management

Specific Objectives
To identify a variety of business events
To discuss the event management process
To participate in an event planning task

To introduce learners to business event planning
What Type of Events Do Businesses Hold?
Aims and Objectives
Useful Website


Risk Management

1. Taking Control
Establishing: Objectives
Lines of Communication
2. Planning
Agreeing event schedule
Contracting services
3. Delivery
Holding the event
Not time to sit back and relax!
4. Review
Reporting - lessons learned
Risk Identification Task
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