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BTJ Ambassador Program

No description

Eugene Bach

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of BTJ Ambassador Program

Back to Jerusalem Most Christians have never heard of the largest coordinated mission movement in history What is BACK TO JERUSALEM? What is the Back to Jerusalem Vision? Back to Jerusalem mission movement
into the 10/40 Window 250 of the 300 largest international Christian organizations regularly mislead the Christian public  by publishing demonstrably incorrect or falsified progress statistics.
(World Evangelization Research  Center) 2 pennies are given to the 10/40 Window Of every $100 Dollars given to outreach American Christians spend 95% of offerings on home-based ministry, 4.5% on cross-cultural efforts in already reached people groups, and 0.5% to reach the unreached. (The Traveling Team) Of foreign mission funding: 87% goes for work among those already Christian. 12% for work among already evangelized, but Non-Christian. 1% for work among the unevangelized and unreached people. (Baxter 2007, 12) 91% of all Christian outreach/evangelism does not target non-Christians, but targets other Christians.
(Baxter 2007, 12) Why the Chinese? Most of the Muslim and Atheist countries in the world, like Iran and North Korea, have good relations with China, but not with western countries What makes the Chinese Unique? Where are the Chinese
Missionaries working
and how
you can help www.BacktoJerusalem.com *North Korea *Vietnam *Nepal
*Syria * Laos *Tanzania
*Egypt *Burma *Yemen
*Sudan *Pakistan * Jordan
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