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No description

Jereme Freed

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Alpheratz

Alpheratz Basic Facts
Scientific name: Alpha Andromedae Size: 3.6 Solar masses composition: The chemical composition of the brighter of the two stars is unusual as it is a mercury-manganese star whose atmosphere contains abnormally high levels of mercury, manganese, and other elements, including gallium and xenon Color: Blue- violet Luminosity: 240X brighter than our sun Location: R.A. 00h 08m 23.3s, Dec. +29° 05' 26“
located in the Andromeda and Pegasus constellations distance from earth: 97.1 LY temperature: 13,000 K - magnitudes:
- apparent: 2.22
- absolute: -0.30
- visual: 2.07
when/ where its visible: visible at all latitudes north of 60° S. During evening from August to October, it will be high in the sky as seen from the northern mid-latitudes. Greek letter and what it means: In astrology alpha portended honor and riches to all born under its influence. in Greek alpha meant first. what will it become when it dies: Supernova then most likely a white dwarf Random Facts
In 2007, researchers led by Oleg Kochukhov of Uppsala University in Sweden announced that Alpheratz was the first star observed to have weather. This took the form of shifting clouds of mercury. Alpheratz is the brightest mercury-manganese star but, unusually for stars in this category, lacks a detectable magnetic field. Light source
The End! Xenon Blue Giant
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