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Path to College

MCA Junior College Application Workshop Presentation

Kate Perry

on 4 May 2018

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Transcript of Path to College

Path to College
List your high school education

[e.g. McKinney Christian Academy, Grades 2-12]

High school(s) you attend(ed).

College name and courses, too, for dual credit.

Decide Where to Apply? Do Your Research . . .

Naviance - Colleges tab >> College Research

MCA Website: Upper School >> Academic Guidance >> College & Career Planning

Find the Application Requirements . . . College Website

Prepare all the required & optional items in advance
Complete the application, edit for typos, etc

BEAT DEADLINES - begin at least 1 month before deadline
You Can Do It!
Parts of the College Application
Official High School Transcript & MCA School Profile
Official ACT and/or SAT scores
Resume & Senior Schedule of Classes
Recommendation Letters / Teacher Evaluation Forms
Application Fee
Interview - for selective admissions
Uniform Admissions Form for Texas public universities

Take it one step at a time...
College Admissions Resume
National Honor Society
Student Ambassador
Student Mentor
Team Captain
Student Government
Youth Leadership Team
Some Examples
Youth Group (if active)
Math Club
Volunteer /
Community Service
Mission Trips
Church Ministry Work
Community Work
MCA Service Days
Awards / Honors
Fine Arts
include those awarded to the group/team
give a brief description, if needed
Work Experience
Paid employment
Internships - paid or unpaid
Self-employed (babysitting, lawn mowing, pet sitting)

11 - 12 pt traditional font
Most impressive category 1st
Reverse chronological order

Use resume template
Goal: 1 pg; 2 pages when necessary
Remove all borders when finished
Due 4/18 McGinn; 4/24 Key

Summer revisions due July 30th by e-mail to Mrs. Perry
High School(s) you attend(ed)
Grades enrolled

College name and courses for dual credit
(e.g. Collin College, US History, 11th
John Brown University, English, 12th)
Resources/Templates located....
Naviance >> documents library.
Google Classroom
Application Essays
The Essay
grab attention & introduce your main point

main idea & supporting evidence

Conclusion: summarize, restate
Process: Getting Started
Start by brainstorming.

Write, letting all your thoughts/ideas related to the prompt out on paper
(don't worry about formatting, grammar, etc).

Then, evaluate which part best address the prompt and rewrite, focusing on that main idea.
Process: Editing & Final Draft
Grab their attention in the 1st sentence!

Be Clear: Focused on answering the prompt
Be Brief: - no fluff - say only what you need to say

Double Check:
Word Count
Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation (grammerly.com)
Have an adult read & proof the prompt & the essay - don't let them rewrite it
Save it in your word processor. Copy & paste into application.

to reveal new info about you &
to evaluate your writing ability
Essay: Tell Your Story
It's a narrative....a story...a true story

Make it very personal

Tell why or how you did something

Tell how an experience/relationship impacted you -- do not waste words simply explaining the experience/relationship/person

Use emotion

Don't be afraid to be honest or reveal something private
Write an Essay

Other Colleges -
look for the essay topics on the Admissions/Apply Now section of website
Recommendation Letters
To attest to your college readiness --
academic ability, motivation, time management, work ethic, community involvement, character, etc.
Who to ask:
2-3 Letters of Recommendation (no more)
2 from core subject teachers jr & sr year
1 additional teacher or community member
Things to consider...
**related to your intended major
**saw you struggle & find success
**class in which you showed initiative
Personal Packet
Give a packet of info about you to give to anyone you ask to recommend you for admission or scholarships
Student Resume
List of colleges to which you expect to apply
Anything particular you'd like addressed in the letter
To whom to address it: (Dear Selection Committee)
If Common App - request C.A, Teacher Eval Form also
Deadline (earlier than your own deadline)
Delivery method (upload into Naviance for colleges or in a sealed envelope for some scholarships)

For scholarships, always provide a copy of the scholarship selection criteria.

When to Ask:
Now is good
At least 3 weeks before you need it

Always give the writer 2 weeks to complete

End of school year & Beginning of school year....EXPECT it may take a few weeks.
Recommendation Letters: Timing
Counselor recommendation written for each of you once I have your resume!
Requesting the Letters of Recommendation
1. Personally ask your teachers
Would you be willing to write a letter of recommendation for college admissions?
Will you have time to write it before the deadline? (if you ask now, this shouldn't be a problem :)

2. Mark the MCA staff letter requests in Naviance:
Go to the Colleges Tab>>Letters of Recommendation
choose the teacher,
write a note
If you're using Common App, include the request for the C.A. Teacher Eval Form
Please remember to be grateful...express it with a note or a treat
Personal Information
Full Legal Name
Phone #
Personal E-mail (not MCA)
Date of Birth: DOB 00/00/00
if 2 pages: name, DOB at top
Order of Application Steps
1. Complete the Application,
Paste Essay from Word Document,
Paste Activities from Resume Word Document

Order ACT or SAT Scores from the Test Company
, if not sent at time of testing.

2. Log into Naviance and..
A. Move the college to your list of "Colleges I'm Applying To"
B. Request the Initial Transcript
C. Mark Teacher Recommendation Requests in Naviance (if not already done) - on the bottom of Colleges I'm Applying to screen

3. Log into the college's applicant system, if available
Upload your resume
Complete additional short answer questions
Monitor for receipt of application items
Store ALL Account Info/Passwords in a safe place! option: Naviance Journal
Some Procedures
Community Service
- turn in quarterly: no past year's accepted. Sr. deadline for awards is mid-April
Mustang Community Service
Awarded at Graduation

Admissions & Scholarships
- bring/send a copy of the admissions offer
as soon as you get it!
We acknowledge all that are on college letterhead or applicant portal screenshot. Deadline early May.

Your Timeline Summary
- create resume
- write all essays
July 30
- submit revised resume
- submit applications
- register for fall ACT/SAT
- turn in summer Comm Svc
Oct 1
- ALL applications DONE
- 1st Qtr Comm Svc due
Oct - Feb
- FAFSA application for $
Oct - May
- Scholarship Search & Apps
- 2nd Qtr Comm Svc due
- all Comm Svc due for Honors Diploma and Mustang Awards
Applying to College
Who does What?
You: Prepare all parts of the application
You: Order test scores
You: Request transcripts, letters, etc
You: Follow up and communicate with the college admissions counselor
You: Pray
Me: answer your questions
Me: send your transcript
Me: liaison between you and the college when needed - be your advocate
Me: Pray
Mom & Dad:
Schedule appointments on campuses
Help you mail items
Help with organization
Encourage you
NOT to call the colleges about your application
College Admissions Counselor:
Answer your questions
Advocate for you in commmittee
Help and advise you
Direct you to resources
Handbook pg 12-13
Handbook pg 11
Handbook pg 3
Handbook pg 4
Handbook pg 5-10
Handbook pg 10
Handbook pg 11
Handbook pg 11
Handbook pg 16-17
Juniors: Spring Semester To-Do's
Register & study: ACT &/or SAT
Take 2-3 by June
Give full effort in school!
Visit College Campuses
Sign up for challenging senior courses
Serve in the community
Choose 3-5 Colleges to Apply
This must match your applications
tell your story in
1 to 1/2 pages
Full transcript