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Black hole

No description

최 은진

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Black hole

Black hole
What is Black hole?
Place in space where gravitational field so strong that even light can not get out.
Not actually hole
How we detect black hole?
Seeing effects stars and gas around black holes.
Using X-ray, gamma ray.
How far from the Earth?

What if people fall in Black hole
What is Black hole
How it formed
we detect them even we can't see

Nearest black hole & famous black
Parts of Black hole
Where black hole located in
Interesting facts
Nearest black hole is V4641 Sagittarii, its 1600 light years away
Famous black hole
Sagittarius A is largest known black hole.
It has mass about 4.3 million times larger than sun's
It's suppermassive black hole
Key points
Where black hole located in?
Located in parts of binary system - two stars that circle each other.
Center of galaxy
types of black hole
Stellar black hole
Most common type of black hole.
An example is Cygnus X-1 which is 6000 light years away from earth
Supper massive
Black hole
They usually found in the center of the galaxy
Mini black hole
They have never been detected but there is theory that they were formed during big bang
An example is Sagittarius A.
We believed one at the center of the Milky way.
Parts of BlACK HOLE
What if people fall into BLACK HOLE??

3.No chance to live.

Interesting facts
In Black hole,slowing down time and stretching out space
There is no limit of how big can be
It's invisible
Black hole can't stop until they dissolve into universe.
Work cited
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John Wheeler first used the term "black hole"
Work cited for Image
Google image
1.Enter Black hole

2.stretched out longwise, and squashed in sideways
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