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Yoosik Choi

on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Management Science
Solving by using EXCEL
Sensitivity Analysis
We think this problem is so realistic in that managerial situation changes every week !
Professor 조성철

2010 1611 최유식
2010 1568 남궁헌
2010 1597 장호종
2010 1506 김태기

Case Problem

The King's Landing Amusement Park

Explanation about This Situation
Decision Variables
Objective Fuction
Model Constraints
The King's Landing Amusement Theme Park
Located in Virginia
hires high school and college student
to work during Summer (May, June, July, August, September)
Low in May, increases June, July, and August, decreases in September
Managerial Situation
Labor Hours

every week, every month
depends on situation
Managerial Situation
Two types of Employees
A New Employee
Experienced Employees
Different Possible Capability Of Labor Hours
Managerial Situation
The Park Hires
New Employees every week

The available applicant pool is to be dimished
There is a weekly attrition every week

To plan and schedule
the number of new employees

TO MINIMIZE the total # of new employees
(It means the manager wants
to save the
labor cost
Xn=(experienced employes in week n)
Yn=(new employees in week n)
Zn=(pool of applicants available in week n)

: n means each week(1~20)

Obective function
Minimize Z=∑Yn (n=1~16)

Subject to
Xn=0.9Xn-1 (n=18~20)
Zn=Zn-1-Yn-1+200 (n=2~8)
Zn=Zn-1-Yn-1+100 (n=9~16)
Yn≤Zn (n=1~16)

In the future, we can apply to this case when we are in charge of managerial positon.
Management Science is
What We have TO DO !
Q & A
Basic Sheet For Making
Objective Function
Given Conditon
Constraint about X
Constraint about X
Constraint about X
Constraint about Z
Constraint about Z
Minimum Value
Minimum Value
Just Drag Them
Find Solution
Find Model
Volunteer Retirement Rate 15%-> 5%
Modified Variable Xn
(Experienced Employees in Week N)
Modified Variable Yn
(New Employees in Week N)
Modified Variable Zn
(pool of applicants available in Week N)
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