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Gaberiel- Ancient Rome Relates

No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Gaberiel- Ancient Rome Relates

Ancient Rome Relates
The government did not care.
Now moving on to another country with some problems of their own. India is the second most populated country in the world. Behind China, this country has two main causes of India's overpopulation problem, the birth rate of its citizens and a lot of women and children. This can very much relate to Rome and how the citizens there had a much faster birth rate, this overpopulated Rome. This problem led to many poor Romans.
Did you know that things all around the world relate to Ancient Rome.
The 2016 Summer Olympics will mean bad news for Favela do Metro.
In Brazil, the Summer Olympics will take place in 2016. This is not good for the people in Favela do Metro, the people who live there say they were mistreated during the preparation for the 2014 Fifa World Cup. During the preparation, city officials wanted to build a new parking lot in the favela. This was near Maracana stadium, were the World Cup would be held. So city started knocking down houses, and then one day they just stopped with no reason what so ever. I believe this can relate to Romes abuse to the plebians. Such as the Tribunes, they were supposed to protect the rights the plebians, but instead were political allies of the senate.
In this presentation I am going to talk about how a small town in Brazil has been forgotten by it's city. Also how India has become so overpopulated it has not yet produced enough food to feed the country. These many reasons support my statements and beliefs that these situations can relate to an Empire created thousands of years ago.
Some problems of their own.
The part with the money.
In Rome you needed money to survive. So with no way to earn a living, poor farmers sold their land to the wealthy. This topic can greatly relate to India. In India a lot of people are unemployed because wages are too low. Their is also little transportation due to housing, schools, hospitals and more. Food production though, has not yet produced enough food for the whole country.

Social problems in the town of do Metro.
People in Favela do Metro say that during the construction of the parking lot, they were forced to move out of their houses so that the old houses could knocked down to make room the parking lot.
For the people who still live in Favela do Metro things are now much worse than they ever were.
The city seems to have forgotten about them. Rats roam freely and mounds of garbage and furniture pile up.
The worries of a Favela.
The people who worry most about the 2016 Olympics are the people in Favela do Metro. The shops and jobs that were once here are now gone. This is bad because if the Olympics do take place close to the town, the city officials might start knocking down buildings again. With no money and jobs, the people will starve, freeze, and die.
Sacred marriages.
In India marriage is a sacred obligation that
is taken very seriously. Sometimes some marriages can even be prerecorded and the two people will be forced to marry so that the families can merge. This may sometimes help the families economically. The facilities though, cannot keep pace with the growth of the population.
In Rome,the Tribunes were supposed to protect the rights of the plebians, but instead were political allies of the Senate. This was bad for the plebians because they had no voice. The Tribunes were the plebians voice in a lot of political decisions.
Rome became overpopulated as time went by.
The city of Rome had become very overpopulated. This happened because of one main cause, the poor farmers that had to sell their land to the wealthy moved to the city to try and start a new life or find a new paying job. Many farmers did this. That caused Rome to overflow with poor people on the streets begging.
To wrap it up,

the people of Rome were very much like the people today. They all can relate to three topics, political,
economic, and social.
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