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Welcome to Employment Relations

No description

Ian Siemers

on 24 September 2011

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Transcript of Welcome to Employment Relations

Industrial/Organisational Psychology Employee Wellbeing Organisational Behaviour Organisational Effectiveness Employment Relations ? Employment Relations Organisational Conflict Sources of Power The Industrial Relations System Labour Legislation Unions and Unionisation Psychological Contract Examples of Organisation Processes Definition? Broadly, Employment Relations is the study of the ways in which:
Parties arrange their work relationships
Organise and Execute Work
Distribute the fruits that accure from these porductive processes

It is concerned with:
Fairness and Justice in these relationships
The integration, regulation and balance of divergent and convergent interests
The informal and foraml dynamic of these relationships According to Swanepoel et al.... Course Structure Enjoy the Course!!! Theories of Justice Other Information All the lecture slides can be accessed from the blog (www.psyc3022er.blogspot.com). I will also add other links to newspaper articles, psychology websites and management sites that you can browse through. Lecture Notes Contact Details Email: Ian.siemers@wits.ac.za

Phone: (011)717-4538

Consultation Times: TBA Theme 1 - Justice Theme 2 - Power Theme 3 - Conflict Theme 4 -
The indutrial relations system Theme 5 -
The psychological contract Important Dates Essay: Friday 30th September 2011 Test: Monday 17th October 2011
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