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Full Time Income With Syntek

No description

Josh Nelson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Full Time Income With Syntek

Based on our 1-2-3 System... 24 Hour Window of time... Making a list... Making your initial 25 Webinar invites... Scheduling your home meeting... John and Joe Follow the 1-2-3 System Within the first 24 Hours! Shouldn't you get PAID? Within 7 Days You could be... 7 Levels deep! Goal is: To Develop Leaders! Pro networkers understand this... It's not about how many people are in your downline... It is About: How many Leaders you have developed! 3 Steps to find a leader... 1. Find them 2. Develop them 3. Keep Them The Key to Securing a Leg is... Drive it Deep Until You Find a Leader! GOAL: 2 new legs a month... Drive them 7 levels deep! Track your business... Manage your business... Take inventory of your business... Not Tracking = No Money! "Taprooting" Leadership 101.... When you sponsor someone.... You have a commitment to them to HELP them SUCCEED! Become a FRIEND and a MENTOR! This person now decides "I'm In" So that.... This person goes on their team... Sally Like the opportunity.... I know TONS of people I could share this with... I just don't have $89! Human Human Beings are moved more..... By what they FEAR to lose.... Than what they STAND to gain! Recap... Every Month create ONE to TWO new legs... "Taproot 7 Levels Deep! The Key to Success is U! Congr Congrats on finding a weight loss program that will change your life! Welcome to MyHCGSystem! These 2 bottles will change your life! Visit: "How to close Starter Kits"
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