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Gender and Relationships in The Worlds Wife by Carol Ann Duf

No description

Sam Jeffreys

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Gender and Relationships in The Worlds Wife by Carol Ann Duf

Gender and Relationships in The
Worlds Wife by Carol Ann Duffy

by Sam Jeffreys
Carol Ann Duffy
The Worlds Wife
"It's always good when women win things in fiction because it tends to be more male dominated, unlike poetry which is more equal"
Dramatic Monologue
A single person who is not the poet, utters a speech which makes up the whole of the poem
The person interacts with one or more other people
The poet formulates what the lyric speaker says in order to reveal to the reader the speakers temperament and character
Changed slightly as it is Delilah who cuts the hair
Typical male-female relationship
'rip out the roar' 'throat of a tiger'
'slip and slide and sprawl, handsome and huge, on the floor'
' teach me... how to care' 'deliberate and passionate hands' 'my warrior'
Salome presented in Duffy's rendition a a typical laddish man 'night on the batter'
In Christianity Salome viewed as 'femme fatale'
'booze and the fags and the sex'
Hints towards being a serial killer'
Use of colour 'reddish beard' shows blood
Mrs Beast
'they're bastards when they're princes
Beauty portrayed as an alpha female
Beast in a subservient role
Mrs Beasts character sees male-female relationships as nothing more than struggle for power
'The lady says Do this. Harder. The lady says Do that. Faster. The lady says thas not where I meant'
'the pig in my bed was
When was the Worlds Wife published?
In the biblical tale, how many coins do the Philistines each pay Delilah to seduce Samson?
Who did Herodias want killed in the tale of Salome?
Name three of the alpha females mentioned in Mrs Beast
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