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Citing Sources & Works Cited Page

No description

Brooklyn Connections

on 8 August 2017

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Transcript of Citing Sources & Works Cited Page

Citing Sources
& Creating a Works Cited Page

Why Do We Cite?
Citing sources proves that our information is valid.

It gives credit where credit is due.

It is expected in all scholarly work.
High school
Future jobs
How do we avoid plagiarizing?
Use your own words.
Cite your sources.
How do I know what to cite?
Verbatim quotes
Someone else's opinions

Don't cite:
Common facts
The Brooklyn Bridge was built in 1883.

Creating a Works Cited Page
What's the difference?
a list of
the sources you used, even those just used for secondary, background research
Works Cited:
a list that
includes the sources you cited in your paper
Works Cited Guidelines
Double spaced
Works Cited centered at the top, not underlined or italicized
Alphabetical order
Don't skip lines between citations
Indent if citation spills onto a 2nd line

Note your sources and citing info when taking notes.

MLA (Modern Language Association)

If the information isn't provided, you're allowed to omit it. ('NOT PROVIDED' isn't the same as 'NOT LOOKING'.)
How Do We Cite?
Book | Newspaper | Website | Photo | Interview

Author’s Last Name, First Name.
Title of Book
. City of Publication: Publisher, Year Published.

: If a book has more than one author: Author A Last Name, First Name and Author B First Name Last Name.

Author’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.”
Name of Newspaper
Day Month Year Published: Page.

Artist’s Last Name, First Name. Title of Work. Date.
Institution who Owns Work. (ie. Brooklyn Collection, Brooklyn Public Library)

“Interviewee Last Name, First Name.” Personal Interview. Day Month Year of Interview.

Author/Editor Last Name, First Name. Name of Site. Name of Affiliated Org, Date Created. Date Accessed.

: MLA does not require adding the web address. Check with your teacher. If you do add it, put it in [brackets] at the end of the citation.

I am looking at a pamphlet/a newsletter/a memo. How do I cite it?
This is called
When in doubt, cite as a book.
Core Elements
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