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life cycle of a guinea pig

No description

Zoe Silverwood

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of life cycle of a guinea pig

life cycle of a guinea pig
This is a pitcher of a baby guinea pig it has got
very fuzzy hair because it is only a 3 week's
old and probably the size of 15cm at the sleet
and when you see that the mum has given
birth you must not go and make a big fuss
close to them or their hutch.
7 week old guinea pigs
7 week old guinea pigs are much fluffier now because their a lot older now and can start to eat things like dandy lion leaves, grass, biscuits and they leave their mum and go to a new home. But you need to buy a run for them to.
Seeing if Your Guinea Pig is a Boy or a Girl!
It is quite difficult to see if a guinea pig is a boy or a girl but look at this diagram and you will know. When you hold your guinea pig you must support it's bum and hold it by it's shoulders and see if it is a boy or a girl. Normally girls privets looks like this Y a capital y and a boys looks like a capital y with a dot on top.
What Guinea Pigs eat
Guinea pigs eat grass, banana, pees and biscuits. If your guinea pig is a bit posh they could eat some toast. But you must never give a guinea pig a potato or crisps.
This is a very,very messy hutch and cleaning out the hutch I bet you're guessing how you do it well you get a scoop out the hay and wood shavings and put it in new and fresh stuff after and also check their food and water.
Cleaning out your guinea pigs hutch
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