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Now is the Time for Running

No description

Jared Donald

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Now is the Time for Running

Book Discussion Jared Donald H 9 Lit 3rd period Title: Now is the Time for Running Author: Michael Williams Genre: Realistic Fiction About the Author The author, Michael Williams, is an American author.
He is a writer of plays, musicals, operas and novels.
Some of his other known novels he wrote include
Crocodile Burning and three Jake Mulligan crime mystery
novels. Setting of the Story The novel takes place in multiple parts and countries of Africa.
Two of these countries include Zimbabwe and South Africa.
The story takes place in various locations inside these countries.
The time this novel is held in is modern day. This is to show
the modern day conditions and problems happening in Africa. Main Character of the Novel The main character of this story is Deo. Deo is the age of fourteen at the beginning of the book and sixteen at the end. So he is at the age of a typical 9th grader. He has a mom and a grandpa but he has never got to see his dad. Deo also has a brother that is mentally insane. His brother's name is Innocent and Innocent is ten years older than Deo but Deo has always been told to take care of Innocent due to his problems. Deo is a kid just like us on the outside but has been through more pain on the inside than any of us could ever imagine. Deo is one of those characters that will bond with you as the story progresses. Conflicts of the Story This novel is a story that revolves around conflict. Throughout nearly all of the story Deo is struggling with some kind of conflict. The three main ones Deo encounters in my opinion are the loss of loved ones, obstacles of trying to get somewhere, and not feeling accepted. This is a quote by Deo," I am a refugee, how can i be anything else? Everywhere I look reminds me that this is not my home..." (176). Mood of the Story During the beginning of the story the mood is very depressing but as the story progresses the mood becomes very energetic and suspenseful. Overall, the mood of the story sets a good feeling for the reader. Theme of the Novel I believe the theme of the novel is that motivation is the key to success. Troughout the whole novel Deo was motivated to complete some type of task. Some of those tasks were to take care of Innocent, get to South Africa, and get to Johannesburg. Immediately as Deo lost motivation, his life went downhill. That is why I believe the theme of this novel is that motivation is the key to success. Why I liked the book I liked this book because it was very interesting and kept me wanting to read. The author did this by not putting any "boring" parts in the novel. He also did this by using lots of teen "slang". The one thing I remember most about this book is Deo's brother Innocent. This is because Innocent is very unique and the way Deo treated his brother was very interesting. An interesting paragraph from the book "Commander Jesus must be collecting blood for his drums. They will find us. Take us to Commander Jesus. He will remember Innocent struck Commander Jesus's hand. We will die. I start to shiver. Innocent's eyes are wide with thousands of questions. I can no longer say it will be all right. It may not be" (60). Why you should get the book I would recommend this book to anybody really but especially to 9th graders. This is because the main character is our age so we can relate to him and we will be at the same maturity level. But overall, anybody can read this book and enjoy it because it relates to modern day problems and is so action-packed making you never want to put the book down. " I hear an awful screech and see Grandpa Longdrop collapse in front of me. His eyes looked dazed. He tries to get up, and I try to reach him to tell him to stay down, but then Commander Jesus kicks him. He crumples. The sense goes out of his eyes. Someone is scraming. At the moment when I realize who is screaming, I see him. Innocent." (17) Summary of the Story Deo and Innocent live a peaceful life in the village of Gutu in Zimbabwe until the day it happened. They are forced to flee and just run. Their goal is to get to South Africa and find their so called "dad". Along the way they face many death defying obstacles and many sticky situations. One thing that keeps Deo through the journey is his beloved game of soccer and his "million dollar soccer ball". You will have to read to see if he completes his journey and fiinds his dad.
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