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Button Button by Richard Matheson

Johnnie Riley, Fernando Costa and Kevin Kamping

johnnie riley

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Button Button by Richard Matheson

"Button Button"
Richard Matheson Plot literary elements Characterization Exposition: Norma receives a package (Matheson 301).

Rising action: Mr. Steward comes to the Lewis's home and explains whats in the package (a button that if you push it you will receive $50,000 but one person whom which you do not know will die) (Matheson 301-302). Plot Climax: Norma pushes the button even though her husband ,Arthur, is against it (Matheson 307).
Falling action: Arthur dies in a train accident... the cause of the button (Matheson 308).
Resolution: Norma receives a check of $50,000 in the mail it was Arthur's health insurance check, Mr. steward comes to the house Norma says that he lied but hes asks her if she really knew her husband. (Matheson 308). Theme: Be careful what you wish for

Conflict: man v. self because Norma cant help but push the button and ignores her husband. (matheson 301)

Setting: the Louis's apartment mid 90's (matheson 301) Description:Arthur and Norma are just a normal married couple living in new york but they don't see eye to eye. (matheson 301)
Mr. Steward is a mysterious business man who wants to give them money for killing a person.
Actions: Mr. Steward: comes to the house after the button is delivered (matheson 302 303).
Norma: pusses the button (matheson 307).
Arthur: tells norm not to push the button (matheson 305-307). chracterization Personality:
Norma: sees the button as an opportunity to make lots of money (Matheson 305 307).
Arthur: sees the button as murder
Mr. Steward sees the button at murder (Matheson 305).
Mr. Steward sees the button as a businesses proposition (Matheson 305).
Arthur: "What would you like to do? Get the button back and push it, kill someone?" (Matheson 305)
Norma:"Suppose its a genuine offer?" (Matheson 305)
Mr.Steward:"If you push the button someone in the world will die in return you will receive a payment of fifty thousand dollars." Norma stared at the man, he was smiling.(Matheson 302). foreshadowing: Norma uses her curiosity to give the reader an idea of whats going to happen. for example Norma calls the number on Mr. stewards card "I'm just curious."(Matheson 304).
Narrator: 3rd person omniscient narrator
Protagonist: Norma
Antagonist: Mr. Steward
Irony: Arthur dies (Matheson 308). More literary Elements Johnnie Riley
Fernando Costa
Kevin Kamping Hahaha!!!!!
Did u really think you knew your husband?
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