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CCoT Essay

Change and Continuity over Time Essay for the WHAP exam

Kara Macsuga

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of CCoT Essay

Thesis (1) Must Address ALL parts of ? Including TIME FRAME from ? prompt + changes and continuties (be generic!) Can be very general ~ Broad Strokes to answer the ? Address change and continuity (1) (1) Don't forget PLACE Address where the ? wants you to focus Big generic strokes to answer the change part of the ? Topic sentences to the paragraph can talk about change. Make it very clear saying things like "A economic trasformation that occurred in the region was..." or "as a result of conquest, the social issues changed to..." Again, be generic! Use phrases to intro your continuity paragraph such as "The ____________ was continuious throughout the time frame" or "this stayed the same because..." Evidence (2) Will have to provide 6 pieces of specific evidence. Give specific examples of your generic responses to the question Examples must be from CHANGES AND SAMENESS but you don't have to be equal in supplying the same "coverage" of evidence...just be sure to give one specific example from each part of the question World
Context Analysis (1) (1) Must tie back to the question Take a snapshot of another
area of the world and tell
how something happening THERE affected the WHERE of the question being asked So, make connections! Take a look around the world during your time period. Compare that "snapshot" to what is going on in your area. You CAN be generic, if you don't know ANYTHING! but, if you can be specific it counts for evidence too! Explain the REASONS for the changes Explain the reasons for the SAMENESS This is the SO WHAT of the question Use words like "beacuse," "this is the reason for...," "due to," "as a result of..." You must be specific! Do you remember this? If we were to write this essay, it would be OOZING with evidence Why? Because we remembered:
Rule of 3! For the thesis, you can use this formula if you can't think of anything else to write: In the period ___________ to ___________, ______________ changed from _____________ to _________________ to ______________ while ________________ and _______________ stayed the same.
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