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Cheif Financial Officer

No description

Jimmy Philibopper

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Cheif Financial Officer

CFO-Chief Financial Officer Results From Interest Surveys Finance 106.75
Law 100
Science 100 I have chosen to become a CFO
because it requires a relatively small
amount of education for it's immense
salary. Reasoning Behind Becoming a CFO Education In order to attain
the rank of CFO,
applicants must
have an M.B.A.
-Masters in Business
Administration. Job Outlook Little to no change in
employment for top
executives is expected.
Keen competition for jobs is expected because the prestige and high pay of these positions attract many applicants. Beginning Salary $257,500 Working Environment Cheif financial officers have luxurious offices with a multitude of staff, however high demands create a high stress working environment. CFOs must often work long hours and meet extensive daily requirements. RESPONSIBILITIES The CFO of a bank or organization is in charge of spending and the influx of money. They must manage accounts and make good investments in order for the company to grow. They must also prevent the business from going bankrupt. Related Careers Administrative Services Manager
Education Administrator
Financial Manager
Food Service Manager
Lodging Manager
Industrial Production Manager
Medical Manager References www.bls.gov.oco

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