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True Colors

Farmer Econ Period 4

Tiffany Zheng

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of True Colors


Purpose: to prevent date rape by detecting the presence of date-rape drugs in drinks.
Polish paints on clear, but reacts and changes colors when it comes in contact with common date-rape drugs.
Each bottle of True Colors will be able to test for
, and
. Later models will have greater capabilities.
How to Use
At home:
Wash hands.
Apply a coat of desired polish. Add designs as desired. (Optional)
Apply a coat of True Colors Date Rape Detection Nail Polish.
Let dry.
At party:
Wash hands or apply hand sanitizer (especially if the drink is nonalcoholic)
Swirl a coated nail in the suspected drink
Wait for 5 to 10 seconds
Check the color of the polish: if it remains clear, then the drink does not contain one of the tested drugs; if it changes color, then the drink is drugged--the saturation of the color indicates the potency/concentration of the drug.

Remove with regular nail polish remover

Why us?
Detection strips are very
, and generally only test for
one or two
of the multiple varieties of date-rape drugs.
True Colors Date Rape Detection Nail Polish is
easy to use
, and
Since the polish appears clear, it can be applied over colored polish or in place of clear polish or topcoat.
Simply swirling a coated nail in a drink will indicate if the drink contains a date-rape drug; the polish will change color according to the drug and its concentration.
Users may also paint the polish on a straw or toothpick for equally accurate detection.
$3 < Drugstore nail polish < $9
True Colors = ~ $12/0.5 oz bottle
Contains expensive materials and technology
Cost of production: ~ $5/bottle
Profit: $7/bottle

A nail polish with color-changing capabilities that can detect the presence of date-rape drugs
Reinvestment & Long Term Goals
The Facts
3 most common types of drugs:
Rohypnol: (flunitrazepam)- comes in pills that can turn a drink blue or cloudy depending on the drink
Gabba Hydroxybutric: (GHB)- Odorless and colorless
Ketamine: Comes as both a liquid and a white powder
Alcohol is also used commonly
The drug can be detected 24 to 60 hours after use depending on the drug
The effects of the drug can last from 8 to 24 hours making it hard for people to know for sure if drugs played a part.

Advertising involves:
College book stores and student stores
Organizations such as RAINN which focus on promoting safety and welfare
High School Health classes to increase awareness for a younger generation
Billboards and Commercials on the TV or radio
Present Market
If the product is successful, the profits would go towards expanding the production by increasing the investments in land, labor and capital.
There would also be more funding towards research to developing more products that can target different markets.
Color changing lip gloss:
2LoveMyLips Lip gloss is packaged with color changing strips that can detect the presence of drugs such as GHB and ketamine.
Costs approximately 10 euros or $13.72
Lip gloss has no detection capabilities
The strips don't detect Rohypnol
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