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Cooking SWJCS

No description

Destani Harmon

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Cooking SWJCS

Cooking is fun fun for some people not for others. I love to help my mom cook.
Cooking together with your family can be so much fun and you can learn new things. You can taste new foods, learn about nutrition, and practice reading and math skills when you read directions and measure ingredients.
By: Destani Harmon
Thank you for reading my Prezi. I hope you like it.
Hot dogs they're yummy. They smell good. Why do you like them?
Just remember you can't eat this.
Tip Number 1

That's right.
Thanks for reading this.
Produced by:
SWJCS Star Productions
in 2015.
Here is a cooking video.
Before you begin cooking, you need to choose your recipe and get all of the stuff you need to make it.
Tip Number 2
You always want to wash your hands before you start cooking so that you don't get the food dirty.
Make sure that you let your parents deal with sharp things.
If you can't reach the counter make sure you get a stool you can stand on.
tip number
Tip number 4
Always make sure your parent is watching you when your cooking.
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