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oikos St. Gallen as a temple

Koç University Presentation

Dario Pirovino

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of oikos St. Gallen as a temple

Vision Our mission is to strengthen the action competence for sustainable development among tomorrow’s decision makers.
--> increase awareness, foster the ability to implement sustainability driven innovation and create institutional support Mission Barcelona London Kolkata St. Gallen Philadelphia oikos Chapters students international
projects & academic activities universities alumni academics among others What we aim at How we do it 2013: approx. 1200 members in 42 chapters in over 20 countries 1987: oikos St. Gallen 1988: first oikos Conference 1990: oikos Foundation 1997: first edition of model WTO 1999: oikos International Strengthen the action competence of tomorrow's decision makers so that they base their future decisions integrating social, environmental as well as economic aspects.
Therefore, we want to foster awareness on sustainability opportunities and challenges at the HSG as well as actively seek for opportunities to be entrepreneurial. Different project approaches:
close the gap: knowledge creation
action-learning experiences
have an impact
foster teaching and learning international
conferences student
reporters PhD Fellowship & academies winter
school advocacy for change academic
career entrepreneurship Spring meeting and Future Lab Case writing competition & case collection fostering
academics How to join Tell us about your project idea Found a new chapter to transform management and economics education and research to create
a sustainable world. Chapter level of oikos International network Get involved 1992: Institute for Economy and Ecology 1989: öbu - Schw. Vereinigung für ökologisch bewusste Unternehmensführung who is involved? over 165 members
101 members actively involved in 13 different projects
5 board members
Advisory board: 10 personalities from economy and science oikos in general Some examples: projects @oikos St. Gallen knowledge creation action-learning experiences oikos Conference
oikos & Pizza
oikos meets Business Model WTO
oikos Consulting
oikos Sustainable Investing
oikos Social Entrepreneurship Go Beyond (mit AIESEC)
Un-Dress (mit marketing.club) project partnerships have an impact Carbon Neutral Campus (CNC)
Eco Map (neu per FS 2013) promoting research oikos Academia
oikos Sustainability Award What you would have to do to join oikos Set up an organizational structure
Define at least one sustainable project to be undertaken regularly (totally independent on its kind, but information and support can be given!)
Set up advisory board with at least three personalities of academics and or business
have at least 15 members Additional links Homepage oikos International: www.oikos-international.org
Homepage oikos St. Gallen: www.oikos-stgallen.org
FB fanpage: www.facebook.com/oikosStGallen
...and many more if requested for MWTO, Student reporters etc.
25 years Get to know the existing projects What I would do Get you in contact with the oikos International president (Lenka), with an board member that coordinates your efforts (Christian) and with several local chapter presidents from the regions
Answer all questions and help building the student organization
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