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Copy of Hana brady

No description

Juanita Roy

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Hana brady

most of you might not know who hana brady is .Her story is like many others.
Hana brady
Hana was born may,16,1931 and lived in Nove Mesto (locadted in Czechoslovakia) with her parents and brother.Her mom Marketa Brady ,the women with the big booming laugh. ,Her dad, Karel Brady,the star athlete of the town and her older brother George.Hana had blonde hair, blue eyes. She loved to scate and ski .Hana and her family were close .There was something different about the brady family they were Jewish. Hana and her family spent every Sunday together because both her mom and dad worked 6 days a week .
1931 restrictions were made by Hitler and the nazis.They were banned from swimming pools ,parks even school, The Brady family could not even go down a hill to ski.In the spring disaster struck, Marketa was being arrested by the gestapo (Hitlers secret police)for illegally sending money to her brother who fled the country .Thier mother was being sent to Ravensbruck (a women's concentration camp). Marketa said her goodbyes and left. Soon after Hana's mom sent a early birthday present some charms and a note.
Restrictions and the starting of the worse
In the fall months after Marketas arrest, Karel came home with three squares of cloth with stars that said "Jude". Every time the Brady family left the house they had to were a star. Hana tried to avoid it by leaving the house as often. When September came, Hana and George's worst fears came true there father was being arrested. As a result of another man refusing to wear his star symbol correctly all the men in Nove Mesto were being arrested .Karel said his goodbyes and left his children. Soon there was a knock at the door '' who did they come for now '' Hana said. When they opened there door it was there Uncle Ludvick, ''I've herd of the terrible news pack some things you will be living with me intill your parents return
Hana and George lived with Uncle Ludvick, Aunt Hedda and there cousin Vera. Hana and George had fun at thier uncles home games, toys, church. That is untill a notice arrived. It said that Hana and George were to be deported to Terezin. Hana collected her sleeping bag and some food, she put it in her favorite suitcase. Ludvick sent a hay cart to take them to a place called "Transit" . He did not want to see his niece and nephew go into danger .Hana and George arrived to transit ,it was a warehouse full of Jewish people .Hana found some candy crumbs and a candle a celebrated her 11th birthday.The next day the train came and took them to Terezin.
Hana died in Auschwitz the day she arrived. She was sent to the gas chambers .She was 13 years old.Her dream was to become a teacher,and in a way she did .She has taught us her story through her memories. As for George he survived and is living in Toronto, Canada today .
what happened
A little about hana
this video I found on you tube is called in loving memory Hana Brady.
I got all my reserch from a websight called hanas story and a book in miss Millers room called hanas suitcase and I got the video from youtube
This is the whole Brady family (Karels side of the family)in front of the store.
This is a star they had to were
this is a mug shot of karel brady
hana and george working on the fields by uncul ludvicks house
this is hanas suitcase (the word weisenkind is a german word meaning orphan).
Terizen to Auschwitz
this is the gift and note Marketa sent to Hana
When Hana and George arrived at Terizen they were separated to different cabins. After a long time Terizen became crowded. A list was made anyone on the list was to be deported to Auschwitz. Hana went to go see the list and her worst fear came true, George was being deported to Auschwitz. George said his goodbyes and left .Hana became sad and missed her brother terribly. In weeks time Hana learnd she herself was being deported as well. Hana got all her stuff ready and went to the train, a couple hours later she arrived at Auschwitz. She walked past boney faced prisiners and gaurd whipped his whip towerd Hana. "You there go there" he said. Hana and a group of girls were lead to a large building and when she walked inside the door it shut behind them with a frightnig bang.
this is auschwitz
by Destine Dellow
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