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Out of My Mind Timeline

No description

Kalyn Dixon

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Out of My Mind Timeline

Out of My Mind Timeline
Book By: Sharon Draper
Presentation By: Kalyn Dixon

Melody's parents tell her one day, that she will have a new little sister soon. There were many concerns along the way. Mostly because Melody's parents could have two disabled children, and that could be a handful. Melody just wanted her parents to have one normal child, to actually feel what it was like to be a parent of a "normal" person. But she was just as special as Penny was when she was born. Without any disabilities!
Mrs. V is Melody's neighbor. And she helps her many times through her journey. Mostly, Mrs. V gave her a way to communicate. This was brought out in a "talking board". This was a plastic board with simple words and phrases, names, and feelings on it. Many times, Melody gets upset because she can't truly express herself with a piece of plastic.
Meet Melody...
Melody is 11. She has photographic memory, meaning that everything that is told or taught to her, she remembers. But- Melody cannot speak. Or walk, or even sit up for that matter. She has Cerebral Palsy. The words are stuck in her mind, and all she wishes to do is to share them. But how?
Melody is smart. But how she looks, being smart is hard to believe. She takes a test with Dr. Hugely to see if she can go to school. She was shown pictures of different things, and was told to pick the different one. She was right every time, but there were different ways to classify things. The doctor was not smart enough to understand and classified her as "profoundly retarded."
New School!
Luckily, someone saw the smarts inside of Melody's head, and offered her a spot at Spaulding Street Elementary School. Here, she was classified into the "special eds" and practically lived in room H-5. And she met plenty of new people in that classroom: Ashley, Carl, Maria, Gloria, Willy, Jill, and Freddy.
Classes Together...
Melody is asked to take classes with the "normal" kids and is ecstatic! She meets a new friend named Rose, who treats her like a normal person. Melody and Rose become good friends, and Rose actually goes over to Melody's house once. They go to the aquarium, and once Rose sees her friends from school, she is embarrassed and it hurts Melody's feelings.
Melody tries out for a school trivia competition. She answers 25 aloud-read questions from Mr. Dimming. This was just for fun, but at the end, Mr. Dimming would reveal the test scores. And out of everyone, Melody got the best score. Many people, even Mr. Dimming thought that it was luck that she won, but really, she is smarter than they thinks.
The Trivia Team!!!
After the for-fun test there was a real one, to really see who made the school trivia team. Melody immediately gave up. She knew she would never make it. But Mrs. V- her neighbor convinced her to try out. They trained for weeks and weeks. Just on tiny facts. These facts are just merely bits of information not many people would know. When it is time for test day, she does her best. She makes the top five on the school trivia team!!!!!
Competing Time!
When Melody gets to the set of the trivia competition, she is interviewed immediately! Everyone is looking up to her because when people had judged her first, they had never expected this! So Melody meets the host of the show. He shows her how the buttons work, and he had made a special stand just for her to fit in with her wheelchair. Turns out, he had a son in a wheelchair also, and he was looking up to her in inspiration.
Washington D.C.
The competition goes very well, and Melody scores many points for her team. She even brought them up a few times! Gladly, they win the county tournament, and are moving on the the national one in Washington D.C.!!!!! Melody's family is so proud of her, and she is happy to be a part of the reason that they won!
Left Behind...
It is time to go to Washington D.C. for Melody! Her whole family is excited, and they are packed and ready to go have the trip of a lifetime. But, when they get to the airport, Melody and her family are told that the flight was canceled, and that the plane left early. The lady at the desk told them that her group got there early- went to breakfast before. She said that they had to run to get on the plane, but they made it. They left her. They didn't tell her. They didn't invite her to breakfast. They left. And Melody was completely devastated.
The Day Everything Went Wrong...
Melody stays home for days, and lays in her bed while she cries. Her team really upset her, but Mrs. V says that she can show them she has strength by going to school. To show them that she got through it. One day, she decides to go to school-her mind is set on it. But it was a really bad morning for the rest of her family. It's raining outside and her dad lost track of Penny. She came out side and was going behind the car. Melody screamed a warning to her mother, but she didn't understand. And Penny got ran over.
Melody goes to school after a few more days because of Penny's accident. Everyone seems to know about Penny. And when Melody enters Mr. Dimming's classroom, she asks why they would leave her. They are all ashamed, and look at their feet. They replied by telling her that they thought she would be too slow during breakfast. And when they found out that the plane was early, Mr. Dimming told Rose to call Melody. But when Rose looked at the rest of the group, they all agreed on not calling her. Melody rolled out on the people she thought to be her friends.
The End...
Penny comes home. She has no brain injuries, not wheelchair. Turns out, she'll be alright. She has a little baby cast around her leg, and a new red hat. Melody is so happy that she will not be disabled in any way, and she starts to share her story with others.
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