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Race, Revolution

No description

Liam Maloney

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Race, Revolution

Race, Revolution
and Rap

It all begins with slavery
A slave is someone who is owned by another person. A slave has:
No choice No freedom No money
A slave has to do what is asked of him by his master, usually this is work of some kind. Slaves are punished for not following their master's orders, working too slowly, or attempting to runaway
When we think of slavery today we think of the black Africans who were captured, sold into slavery and taken to the Americas to work on the plantations there.
Music Gets Political
Protest As Product
Hip-Hop, DIY, and Stickin' It To The Man
Rap Sells Out
25 people
3 women
1 transgender
4 african american
2 russian
2 spanish
5 british
1 chinese
5 white american
2 german
How diverse is your list?
Opening Pandora's Box:
If we're going to deal with such a sensitive subject as race then we're going to have to be:
and above all we shall obey our only real music course commandment:
Don't be a dick!
Task 1
Lyrics analysis
In pairs
7 minutes to decode your particular song lyrics
Yes you can write on the paper if you like
Share with the group
Some questions to start the day:
How do we
music? What do we use music for?
Is Blues a big jump? Not at all!
Spirituals & Work Songs
Think 1960s:
Protest Music
Where do you stand?
Is hiphop a lost art?
Does this truly represent freedom?
Can there be a place for both NWA and Flo-rida in this world?
Who is hiphop sold to mainly?
Does Eminem speak to/for/about you?
Is the protest part gone for good?
Is there anything worth saving or is hip hop finished?
G-Funk starts the decline...
And this inspires interesting things!
And it gets worse...
I personally don't think all hope is lost. But for the time being I think "the message" is lost most of the time.
Disclaimer: todays lecture will contain a LOT of naughty words. Brace yourself against the torrent of filth that's about to be let loose. Liam, Austin, and the staff of Warrington Collegiate take no responsibility for any and all offense caused. Tell Snoop & Dre to stop saying rudies.
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