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Dog Muscular System v.s. Human Muscular System

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Ella Holowesko

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Dog Muscular System v.s. Human Muscular System

The muscular system is one of the largest systems in the dog's body. The structure of the dog's muscular system is similar to its 'ancestor' the wolf. The dog's muscular system allows it to jump, run, walk and play.
About the Dog Muscular System

Like the dog's muscular system, the human's muscular system is very big and it allows us to walk, run, play and jump. Also, without our muscular system we would die! This is because our muscular system causes are lungs to breathe and our heart to beat!
About the Human Muscular System
Differences Between Both Systems
The human's muscular system has many differences in the muscles as well.
The human's bicep muscle is in a different place than the dogs.
The dog has NO facial muscles, whereas the human does. Epicanius, frontal belly e.t.c.
The human's thigh muscles are different than the dogs. Sartorius e.t.c.
Many muscles are located in different places, therefore they cause different movement. For example the bicep muscle and the pectoral muscle are in different places.
Differences Between Both Systems Cont.
As we all know a dog has four legs and a human only has two. This is a significant change. First off, dogs can accelerate faster than humans can because of their muscles and body design. Also it is easier for dogs to move faster because each leg has a purpose. For example, their forearm's function is called a propulsion function. Humans do have more muscles in their body than a dog has. Also, humans have better dexterity than dogs. This means that they can clasp and grab things, whereas a dog has to use their jaw. This futher means that a dog has a stronger jaw than a human.
How movement is different in both systems
To start off, here is a fun fact. Half of a human's and dog's weight is made up of the muscular system.
Both have a trapezius muscle (shoulder muscle)
Both have muscles such as the deltoid and tricep muscle.
There are many similarities in both systems.
Similarities in Both Systems
In conclusion, both systems are very alike, and very different in many ways. The ways in which both systems function, and also the ways in which both systems are created is astonishing because each system is so complex and so detailed. Although, a dog has less muscles than a human each system is special in its own way.
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Dog Muscular System v.s. Human Muscular System

Both systems have many differences.
Sternocephalic Muscle
Brachiocephalic Muscle
Deep Pectoral Muscle
These muscles are all in the dogs body. None of these muscles are in the human's muscular system.
By: Ella Holowesko
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