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Cell Analogy

No description

Emily Matz

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy

A Cell Is Like... A horse body The nucleus is the part of the cell that controls all the genetic activity so the brain is like the nucleus because it controls what the horse does. The Cell membrane regulates the movement of materials in and out of the cells and allows communitcation between cells. The skin is like the cell membrane because it keeps everything in! The cell wall protects and supports the structure of the plant cell. The bones represent the cell wall because they support the structure of the horse. The vacuole stores food and water for the plant. The stomach represents the vacuole because it stores food and water for the horse. Ribosomes make proteins so amino acids reprsent a ribosomes because thet make proteins for the horse. The cytoplasm is the fluid portion that suspends everything into place. Muscle is like the cytoplasm because it holds the organs in place. Thanks for watching. BY: Emily Matz
Hattie Behm
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