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Geothermal Energy

No description

John Cadiz

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of Geothermal Energy

Found below Earth's surface in the form of steam (from magma).

Geothermal Energy:
Geothermal Uses Include:
English Standard Activity
Geothermal Energy
Math Standard Activity

By: Michael Alvarez, Alexis Barcenas, John Cadiz, Robert Pipkin, & Anthony Valdez
Color pictures about geothermal energy.
You will color the pictures for a prize.
After the class is done coloring, we will have questions that you can answer for treats.

Science Standards Activity
Geothermal Energy in a Volcano
Process Of Converting Steam into electricity
Old Faithful - Yellowstone National Park


From The Earth



Krakatoa/Krakatau -
Lampung, Indonesia

Get into groups of four and get in a live
When the instructor says start, throwers will toss the marbles & the catcher will try to catch as many of the marbles as they can in their bucket.
When timer runs out, count the marbles. There will be multiple rounds - The team with the most marbles after each round will get a yummy reward!
Layers of The Earth
It's time for some fun with science!
Gather around and witness a volcanic eruption as we discuss what volcanoes are really about.
Ask us any questions that you wish.
Asking a good question = fun sticker!
Tectonic Plates
These plates float on molten rock so we can get Earth's heat without going so deep into earth's layers.
String of volcanoes near the Pacific Ocean. The Ring of Fire is where most tectonic activity takes place.
¡Muy Caliente!
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