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No description

Jenny Schmitt

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Indiana

49F - 58F

It rains evenly throughout the year.

The average snow fall is 22 inches.

The average wind speed is 8 mph.
Indiana Poem
Indiana is a good place to race,
When you do you have to wear a helmet to protect your face.
You might see a cardinal in a tulip tree,
Or go and see a honeybee.
The point is that Indiana is cool,
And all the people there rule.

State Facts
State Bird: Cardinal
State Flower: Peony
State Tree: Tulip Tree
State Stone: Solem Limestone
State Motto: The Crossroads of America

The Indiana Landmarks Center is in Indianapolis.

The Huddleston Farmhouse is a site to see how people lived 100 years ago.

In Varaestay each May, guests gather here to celebrate Derby day.

The Morris-Buttler House has so much magnificent architecture.
Dec. 11, 1816
Hoosier State
State Resources
1. Gas

2. oil

3. coal

4. water
Important Dates
1702-1703 Queen Anne's war ended the Spain presence.

1865 - The abolishment of slavery.

1732 the first permanent settlement is fortified Vincennes.

1911 the first Indy 500 car race takes place.
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