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top 5 apps for academic succes

No description

Sergio Robledo

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of top 5 apps for academic succes

top 5 apps for academic success
week calendar -easy and powerfull calendar
alarmed ~ Remiders +Timers
week calendar -easy and powerful calendar
this calender can be synced to your google calender
provides a clear view of your day,week, and month
color highlights help distinguish a your upcoming events
notifications push pop up to your lock screen
alarmed ~ Remiders +Timers
while using this app not only it will remind you, but also you'll develop a sense of awareness with every alart
create or edtit your alerts with just a couple of taps
easy snooze bottom
notifications alarts in the lock screen
able to time up to 99 hours
custimize sound alerts
by : Sergio Robledo
this app is mainly about creating documents in a moble way.
this app provides a remarkable of 60 templates.
syncs up to your icloud so you can edit your document with multiple devices.
fast way to jot down note
sync to your Evernote account online
create list and mark them off as you complete each task
over 2,000,000 of definition, synonym & antonyms
wifi & data not needed for this app
nitification pop up for you to learn new words with (word of the day)
over 30 languages
audio pronunciations
3 things i learn from this unit
noticing when getting organize i get in the habit of doing so
its easy to find ways organize your life
maintain a since of acheivement
source: apple store
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