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Get Started with iBooks Author

No description

Laura Jean Moore

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Get Started with iBooks Author

Quick Start iBooks Author Create interactive multi-touch books for iPads, using embedded images, movies clips, HyperStudio stacks, Internet links, and audio clips. What You Need! Macintosh laptop with OS X 1.7 or above (LION)

iTunes (to sync from your MacBook to iPad)

The iBooks Author App -MacApp Store

Your Content

An iPad to View Your
Beautiful Interactive Book! Step 2
Choose a Template When starting a new book project, your first step is to pick a template from the
"Template Chooser". A Note about Landscape
vs. Portrait Orientation Think of your reader!

Landscape created iBook can be viewed in either landscape or portrait , but portrait created iBooks can only be viewed in portrait. Most iPad readers use either. Step 3- Book Building iBooks Author templates start you off with a chapter, a few pages, the table of contents and a glossary. Add or delete as needed.

iBooks Author is similar to desktop publishing program (such as Pages) or using a program like inDesign. Why iBooksAuthor? iBookAuthor Step 1
Plan Your Book Select Your Content! Step 4 - Add Media, Images,
Using the Inspector! Step 6- Publish!

Write your content using Word or Pages. Import
it into iBooks Author and it will be automatically
formatted as a chapter! It may not seem like it at first, but the Inspector is a useful tool for formatting, adding images, audio and captions. Click and drag from the Media window. Step 5 - Preview Preview as you go!
Hook your iPad up to your computer
Open up IBooks Author on your iPad
Click Preview (top toolbar next to Publish) Share before Publishing You can add an image, audio file or movie to introduce your book. Click on the Intro Media section, and then drag a file from your library. If you want to send out your book to have a friend (or two!) edit it before publishing, go to the top menu and click "Share" and then "Send via Email" .

The recipient will need iBooksAuthor on their Mac. You do have the option of sending it as a PDF, but formatting will be lost.
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