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Cherry Cherry

on 21 September 2015

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Question 3:
How do they educate patients about services they are receiving?
Question 2:
Service Quality and Productivity
Seven marketing mix elements
Higher quality dental services
High price (with several value added services)
Order- taking
Question 4:

Supplementary services
Dr Beckett is a dentist but having no business knowledge or experiences.
Dentistry industry is rapidly changing
Dr Beckett need to adapt to changing environment
High Quality Dental Services
1. Overview of the case
2. Questions
3. Recommendations
4. Applications
("It is our goal to provide superior dentistry in an efficient, profitable manner within the confines of a caring, quality environment")
Cost-based pricing
Value-based pricing
New office with new design (modern, comfortable, functional and appealing)
Positive word of mouth by current patients
New patients do an initial exam => Dr Beckett can do a needs assessment and educate them about her services.
Routine procedures were standardized to reduce errors
Employees call patients in advance to know about delay
Try to fill in cancellations to maximize capacity
Staffs help each other to make things run smoothly
Staffs have specialised training for their jobs.
Hygienists handle routine exams, teeth cleaning and some other treatment procedures.
Dr Beckett values friendship with her staffs (involve staffs in decision making process)
Classes and workshops for staffs to update their skills
Physical Environment
Waiting room and reception areas were filled with modern furniture.
Live plants and flowers
Walls were covered with art
Classical music played softly in the background
Coffee and tea
Conference room with toys for children and VCR
Chairs in the examing room were covered by leather
Each rooms has a large window => patients can watch birds eating
Attractive mobiles hanging from the ceiling to distract patients from unfamiliar sounds
Should have advertisement or E-marketing
Have some sale or discount for loyal customers
Supplementary services:
Have staffs who keep track of all customers
With children who hate to go to dental office, prepare some small gifts for them
Overcome the challenge
Place and Time:
At the weekends, office opens later for serving people who do not have time to come in working hours
Run some programs like "check up and advice for free"
Tutor: Ms. Phan Thi Kim Ngan
Presenters : Mai Anh Dao
Hoang Tay Phuong
To Khanh Huyen
Pham Thuy Linh

Provides ceramic teeth implants
+ orthodontic treatment
Operated since 1980
The objective is:
“Our customers’ interests are our top priority”
Has 4 branches:
Lan Anh Dental Center 1: 292 Huynh Van Banh St. , Ward 11, Phu Nhuan Dist., HCMC, Vietnam.
Lan Anh Dental Center 2: 288/1 Huynh Van Banh St., Phu Nhuan Dist., HCMC, Vietnam. 
Lan Anh Dental Center 3: 130 Ha Huy Tap, Nam Long 1, Phu My Hung, Q.7, TP.HCM, Viet Nam. 
Lan Anh Dental Center 4149 Ton Dat Tien St., Kenh Dao Area, Phu My Hung, Dist. 7, HCMC, Vietnam
Reasons for choosing Lan Anh
Quality of service => high price
Professional dentists which trained in Europe, the USA, Australia and Korea
High-technology dental equipment, world-class sterilizing systems and digital panoramic X-ray systems
Only dental clinic in Vietnam with its own laboratory with 2 systems of the first class Sirona’s CAD/CAM
Customer service: quite good, friendly
Procedure: fast, customers can reschedule
some newspapers , magazines, take cups of coffee or orange juice while waiting good relationship with employees

Success of Lan Anh
Bring good core value and supplementary

Friendly website for users
Post dental treatment price list and Dental restoration price list

Order-taking: Book online through websites or hotlines
Payment: Online payment by VISA and Master Card.

High quality

Building a team of professional dentists
Modern equipment

High-level customer service, friendly environment

- Supplementary: Waiting room with magazine and newspaper
- Environment: fresh, clean

High quality
Basic equipment
- Live plants and flowers
- Art in wall, music in background
- Coffee and tea while waitting
2 people do everything
- 7 staffs for front-office and back-office
- 3 chairside assistants
- Hygienists
=> Experiment dental office is a small low-cost service with basic equipments but no special decoration and background => not many supplementary services
=> Case dental office is a high-quality service with many good supplementary services
All her new patients were required to have an initial exam so that she could do a need assessment and educate them about her service
Abundant flowers, live plants and the walls were covered with art, classical music played softly in the background.
Create a comfortable environment

Large window allow patients to watch birds, headphone with music
Distract from unfamiliar sounds and sensations

Back-office staff with uniforms, modern technology
Create professional working style

“ 90% of patient’s perceptions of quality comes from their interactions with the front desk and the other employees-not from the staff’s technical skills”

Her staffs provide videos about the dental operation to educate patients. They can have before and after treatment photo album for new patients and this may be reduce their fears.
Value relationship with staff member, virtual part of service delivery
Add value through communication content

“a goodie” box, “thank-you” card, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and floss

• Literature

She want to differentiate her service in term of the quality:
Upgrade core service (completed range of dental treatment)
Redesign service delivery system (more supplementary services)
=>> give the high quality and standardized dental care service

Service quality
Service productivity
- Work hard with her employees
=> Balance the capacity
- Her employees do not make patients to wait more than 20 minutes.
- They offer reschedule and save customer time
=> Save time, speed up service process =>>> benefit customer

Dr Beckett redesign service delivery system and improve core service
=> good service quality (achieve customers' expectations and needs)
=> more and more customers want to come
Staffs work more effectively in better environment
=> higher service productivity

Higher service quality, higher service productivity
By Anh Dao
By Khanh Huyen
By Khanh Huyen
By Tay Phuong
By Thuy Linh
By Thuy Linh
By Anh Dao
Make Service more tangible and personalized like making a tour around the treatment area and back office for customers to reduce the psychological risk
Raise positive attitude for patients through ads which are not developed in Dr Beckett’s office.
Use metaphors like comparing their service with certain things through picture, video clip to help customer easy to imagine about the service

Literature was available to explain what patients needed to do to maximize the benefits of their treatment outcome
Has VCR to show patient educational films about different dental procedures.
New patients will do an initial exam => Dr Beckett can educate them about her sevice.
Patients would not be kept waiting no longer than 20 minutes without being given the options to reschedule.
Before and after treatment, Dr. Beckett and her employees consult with patients
Office architecture
The waiting room and reception were filled with modern furniture => comfortable
Coffee, tea and current magazines were available while waiting
Small conference room with toys for children
VCR for educating about dental procedures
Literature was also available
Chairs were covered by leather so comfortable
Large windows to watch birds eating
Attractive mobiles hanging from the ceiling to distract patients from unfamiliar sounds.

Create competitive advantages
Add value to core service
Achieve customers' expectations so that attract more customers
More effective system => save time to deliver service
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