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Similarities and Differences between Earth and Mars

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ethan smolinski

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of Similarities and Differences between Earth and Mars

The Red Planet
.Mars is named after a Roman God of war.
.Mars has the tallest volcano in our solar system. It is called Olympus Mons.
.Mars is the second smallest planet in our solar system.
.Mars is about 227,943,824 km away from the sun.
.The Egyptians called Mars
"Her Desher" meaning the red one.
.Chinese astronomers called Mars
"the fire star".
.Mars also has the longest and deepest valley in our solar system.
.The atmosphere on Mars is very thin
and primarily made out of carbon
.Mars is 6786 km wide.
A Mars' year is as long as 687 Earth
.It will be hard to live on Mars because there are lots of sand storms.
Mars' moons are Phobos and Deimos.
.Phobos is 27 km wide.
.Deimos is 13 km wide.
.Mars' north area is a big dusty plain.
.Mars is 74 billion billion metric tons which is 0.01 times the size of Earth.
.Earth is the third planet away from the Sun.
.It approximately takes 365 too 366 days for Earth to orbit the Sun.
.Earth is 12,756km wide.
.Earth is 5,970 billion billion metric tons.
.On Earth water only covers 75% of the surface.On average the water is 3km deep.
.If we didn't have water, Earth will have
a lot of high force lava eruptions.
.The water on Earth keeps the plates moist so the Earth doesn't overheat and explode.
.No other planet in our solar system has it's crust broken up into plates.
.As the plates on Earth move, our mountain ranges also move and grow. Scientist have found that Mount Everest is rising a few milimetres each year due to plate movement.
.Also when the plates move ,Earth's surface crust is renewed.
.Scientist's have found that for every new crater that is produced, an old crater is destroyed.
Geological features
.Mars and Earth both have valleys,deserts and sand dunes.
.Earth has more geological layers than Mars.
.On Earth there is a liquid iron outer core that surrounds the solid iron inner core.Mars doesn't have any of this.
.Mars also doesn't have the lower mantle layer which Earth does. This makes Earth's ground more deeper.
.On the next two levels Earth and Mars are both the same. These levels are called upper mantle and the rocky crust.Mars has no further levels after this.
.While Earth has oceans,deserts,rainforests and open lush farm land.Mars only has a rocky hard surface.
Similarities between Earth and Mars
.Mars has ice on the north and south pole like Earth.
.Mars has a hot day and a cold night like Earth.
Earth's inner core is mainly made out of solid iron.This is similar to to Mars, where the iron is mainly in the core.
.On Mars you can find iron,gold,silver
and copper.
.Mars and Earth are both land planets not like some other planets which they just gas.
.On Mars the sun rises every 24 hours.Similar to Earth.
.Like Earth, Mars' weather can change a lot during the day.
.Like Earth, Mars has marks of water
The Similarities and Differences between Earth and Mars

Differences between
Earth and Mars
.Earth has more nutrient rich soil than Mars.
.Mars has two Moons and Earth has only
one Moon.
.The iron on Mars is so close to the surface,
you could find iron if you dug once with a
spade. Different with Earth.
.On Mars you can't find diamonds and other
related minerals. Not like Earth.
Mars is the second smallest planet.
.Earth is the fifth smallest planet.
. Without Mars having plates, the volcanoes just
keep erupting in the same spot (they do not die).
.Mars has less atmospheric pressure then Earth, many
believe that this is the reason why liquid water can not
exist on the surface of Mars.
Can we live on Mars?
Not in the present, but in the future by bringing liquid water
across planets or by even finding water.

Is Mars more similar or more different to Earth?
In my opinion Mars is more similar to Earth and I think we can live there in future time.

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