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East Lab 2

No description

kimberly davis davis

on 25 August 2011

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Transcript of East Lab 2

Woo :] DUN DUN DUN DUNNNN! i hope you are scared,
just cause i like making
scary movie noises ;) HMMM. What to say, what to say. HELLO WORLD! I AM KIM :] OOH! I like saying random stuff! ......SOMETIMES. I just wish that i could dissapear,
someone take me FAR away from here!
(((they are song lyrics)) ;) DO NOT FEAR! UNDERDOG IS HERE ;D My best friend is Alysia ^-^ she is Flipping awesome! my favorite dorkkk! ....and i dunno why i told you that ;o MEOWWWW :] "MOM, why do kids
make fun of me at
-Christofer Drew ;D <_<>_> ....i think this is BORING so far.. and being boring.. is an apsolute CRIME. CRIME. CRIMEEE!! So we must fix this boring prezi. it must be fixed.. buuuut... HOW? -mental lightbulb- GOT IT! random pictures!! woo!!! wait.. but what will the pics be of? hmm. got it. ANIMALS ;D That didnt help the boringness.... did it? Hmmm. well. i have no idea what to say. hey soul sister, aint that mr.
mr. on the radio? eh eh stop
me! LYRICS! ANYWAYS. Dot Dot Dot im gunna go now ;o SOOO... BYE PEOPLEZ :]
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