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Copy of common and proper nouns

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Barbara Norell

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Copy of common and proper nouns

Proper Nouns: a person or place name. They are capitalized, so the reader knows.
A common noun is a non-specific name for a person place or thing. Additionally common nouns do not start with capital letters.
Common and Proper Nouns
Common Nouns
Proper Nouns
Examples for proper nouns.
Examples of Common nouns
The MAN entered the CITY without anyone noticing.
In this example the words MAN and CITY are both common nouns, they both refer to a person and a place, without specifically naming them.
The BOAT was missing for three days!
The word BOAT is the common noun in this example, because like the example above, it is not a specific name.
The LAKE was the perfect place for them to swim.
LAKE is the common pronoun in this example. If the word was specifically named, (I.E Musselman's Lake) then it would not be a common noun, but a proper noun.
Kanye West

In the following passage, which words are common nouns, and which are proper?

"Without a second thought, Carl grabbed some money and his keys, and then started towards his door. He got into his car and began heading towards Toronto."
Kanye West is a good rapper
Proper noun in a sentence would sound like this:
Is the word "ONTARIO" a common, or a proper noun?
What is the difference between a Proper Noun and a common noun?
is the second largest country in the world.
In this example, Canada is a proper noun, as for country is a common noun.
Pyramids of Giza
Sample Example of Proper Nouns
Colosseum in Rome
Proper Noun
Answer may verify, proper noun is name of a place, person, or a thing.
Common noun is not a real name.
CARL, TORNTO are a proper noun.
MONEY, KEYS, DOOR, CAR this are common noun
Mrs.Shankman is a good teacher.
True or false?
Are proper nouns capitalized?
Common nouns are capitalized?
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