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CAFE Comprehenshion project

No description

Jaden Reed

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of CAFE Comprehenshion project

Check for understanding
Was your brain talking to you read? Who did you just read about and what just happened? What do you do if you don't remember? These questions are for check for understanding, and it means to stop a few times and think about what you just read.
Back up and reread
Did that make any sense whatsoever? What do you do when it doesn't make any sense? Even when you do other strategies, you need to back up and reread.
Make a mental picture or mental image
What do you see in your mind when you read this selection ? Take this information that you read and make it like a movie. You have to pretend you are at the movies watching a story. can you see yourself in this selection?When people read text they sometimes picture what they are reading and it helps them understand the book better.
compare and contrast and between text
Readers understand new ideas in text by thinking about how things compare to each other, thus deepening your comprehension.
Predict; what will happen
What do you think will happen based on your information? What clues are you using to state that prediction? What kind of clues did you use?To predict, readers have to think what will happen next in the story. To confirm the text, readers find out weather their predictions were true partially true or way off.
Infer and support with evidence
Did you infer and support with evidence?You always need to figure out what the author is saying even though it might not be written, using your background knowledge is the key to understanding the book or text.
C.A.F.E Comprehension Project BY: Jaden Reed and Jake Nickell
Retell the story
Who were the main characters? How was the problem solved? what happened first, next, and last? An account in the story's sequence.
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