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Short story writing

No description

Grace Robertson

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Short story writing

Short story writing
Your last writing folio journey for this term
The Task
You will prepare a
short story that draws on intertextual references (allusions). (500-800 words)
Intertextual references
Short Story Structure
Your story will include an appropriate short story structure and address the elements we explored in last class.
Make sure that you have planned and have an intention (aim) before you start writing
Statement of Intention
You may use subheadings.
Cover all key creative decisions, such as:
- voice
- hero
- intertextual link
- theme
- allusions
- language choices
- mood
- plot points
- Make sure you have covered all aspects of the task (double check the RT sheet and criteria)
- Ensure your ideas are organised in paragraphs
- Check your punctuation, grammar and spelling

You will also include a statement of intention that explains your creative decisions.
Your story will include
one thematic connection to
The Hunger Games
Theseus and the Minotaur
The House of Asterion
e.g. Hero, dystopia, labyrinth, persistence, etc.
You will also include
two allusions to other texts of your choice
These intertextual references can be made through similar symbols, settings, characters, plot lines, narrative structure.
Think about how you can use intertextual references to carry the same messages from other texts, or to add new understandings to the texts you are referring to.
Where? When? What mood or atmosphere?
What weather or social conditions? Dystopia?
Make sure you have an orientation, rising action, climax, falling action and denouement.
Separate these into paragraphs.
Point of view
First person
Omniscient objective
Omniscient limited
Use the short story elements sheet to consider your short story structure and remember to include the intertextual references.
Hand it in and appreciate your good work.
Plot Structure
Keep it simple,
it's not a novel
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