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BES Session 3

Summing Up what we have done so far

Tara Robinson

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of BES Session 3

What have we being doing for in tne last two seessions We've been building customised cars What have we been doing in these last two sessions? Why have we been doing it? If we thought of our courses as
Vehicles of Learning.................
All good cars are planned to make journeys FETAC Award Specifications Subject or discipline related outcomes Generic Transferable Skills
Outcomes Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Learning to Learn
Problem Solving
Creativity and Innovation
Team Working

Establishing a common approach to
planning accross the organisation
using a common planning tool FETAC Outcomes:
FETAC provide a set of standards
that learners need to achieve at the end of a course of learning Tutors choose the appropriate content,resources,methods that allow learner to achieve the various outcomes while also customise their courses around the needs of the learners the road map to the
destination is the
Curriculum Plan The learning outcomes we set are the
destination expected for our learners and essential for

The plan focuses on
the big picture Aims
Outcomes Content
Evaluation Supports
Core/Generic Skills What we are doing today
is touching on what is expected in terms of producing evidence for FETAC Planning is at the heart of effective teaching and learning Clear
Outcomes what the learner should be able to
know or do at the end of the course Our cars are
customised What are the parts? Activities
Role of the Internal Assessor
Portfolios-what should be in them
Writing an Assessment Plan and Brief
Last Session-Pair Work-Curriculum Plans using
Scenarios Detailed-in some ways overly detailed-but depends on the approach taken and ability to provide this level of detail
Methods are an outline of how you will deliver the session
not a further breakdown of the content of the session
Different use of the outcomes section (SLO's and topic/session

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