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End of WWII and the Beginning of the COLD WAR

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Marshall A. Canosa

on 8 December 2016

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Transcript of End of WWII and the Beginning of the COLD WAR

End of WWII and the Beginning of the COLD WAR
Before the End of WWII
--The USA, England and USSR met to decide what to do with Germany when the War was over
This was called the YALTA CONFERENCE
The Yalta Conference set up which countries would occupy sections of Germany
--led to separation of Democratic West Germany
and Communist East Germany
This is the official beginning of the COLD WAR
--a time of political and social unrest between the United States and its Allies and the Soviet Union and its allies
1946-Winston Churchill delivers his "Iron Curtain" Speech
--explains that the USSR is a threat to Europe and its way of life
President Harry Truman begins his policy of Containment
--keeping Communism out of newly formed countries and democratic countries
Part of this is the Truman Doctrine
--financial and military support to any country that will not accept Communism
--focuses on Turkey and Greece
1945--United Nations Created
Seen as a Peace Keeping force that will be more
influential than the League of Nations
--will include a Security Council of strong nations to help deal with world issues
With the United Nations came the creation of a Jewish State--Israel
--separates lands for Jews and Muslims in the Area
--would be the beginning of numerous Arab-Israeli Conflicts in the Middle East
1947-Marshall Plan
--plan to re-build Germany
1948--Berlin Blockade by the USSR
--separates East and West Berlin
1949--Berlin Airlift
--attempt by US and Allies to help people in East Berlin with food and resources
--breaks agreement of Yalta Conference
--raises tensions between US and USSR
The USA and USSR with become SUPERPOWERS
1949--USA creates NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
--group of 14 Democratic countries with the same goal to stop Communism

USSR creates the Communist Bloc under the WARSAW PACT
--group of countries in eastern Europe who have fallen under Communism

1949-Soviets explode their first Atomic Bomb
--Cold War will now become a nuclear struggle

Other Events of the 1940s
1947--India receives independence from Great Britain
--led by Mohatma Gandhi
--inspired by past revolutions

--Gandhi will die in 1948
--led Great Salt March-Indian non-violent march against British control
--will fight for the rights of the people in India

1949--Communists gain control over China
--Civil War between Nationalist and Communist forces
--places Communism in Asia that will spread to Korea and Vietnam

Mao Zedong
Chiang Kai-Shek
Communist leader who will control China into the 1970s
Nationalist leader supported by US who will create Chinese Taipai after losing the civil war
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