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Power Project

Power - FLVS

Courtney Nanke

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Power Project

What is it like for an animal to be tested on? Many animals have lost their lives due to product testing. According to The Humane Society, “Pain relief is rarely provided and the animals used are always killed at the end of each test." What kinds of animals are tested on? Humans hold power over every kind of animal. Therefore, just about every animal you can imagine has been tested on. According to ASPCA, testing and experimentation is also done on animals you wouldn't necessarily picture being put in harms way, "including dogs, cats, sheep, hamsters, guinea pigs, and primates." The Problem With Power Animal rights have been an examined problem throughout history. Since animals cannot speak for themselves, humans are often given the right to choose what to do with animals. I have looked into the abuse of this power over animals, specifically for product testing. It is important to stay educated on ways to help eliminate this problem with power. Isn't animal testing important? Many sources have reported that animal testing actually very rarely helps humans. There has been little correlation between what animals are allergic to and what humans may react to.
Plus, there are other ways to determine if products are safe for people to use without the involvement of animals. Multiple alternatives have been created, such as artificial human skin which The Humane Society says can “save thousands of rabbits each year from painful skin corrosion and irritation tests.” How exactly is this an abuse of power? The abuse of power begins the second that the scientists first get the animals. Unlike humans, animals can not sign up to participate in studies, tests, or an experimentation. Animals are taken to unhealthy situations with little to no consideration for their well-being. Humans take advantage of these situations with high hopes to receive benefits for themselves. Conclusion All in all, as humans I believe it is our responsibility to respect animals to the best of our ability. It is important to consider the wants and needs of animals when we hold power over them. Power Project And females, remember: Try your best to use beauty products that do not test on animals! Courtney Nanke
Mrs.Hatfield - FLVS Millions of animals become victims of tests and experiments each year. In laboratories animals are often confined to small cages and inhumane living conditions. When tests begin, animals may be injected with chemicals or given direct skin contact of products. Take a second to imagine how you would feel if your pet were being tested on.
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