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Creative Project

No description

Nicole Matouk

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Creative Project

Creative Project
We were influenced by the work of various artists including

- Pawel Kuczynsk

- Banksy

- Jean Jullien

- John Holcroft

Is It Really Standard Procedure?
Beauty Filter
Tea Time with Mr. Bear
Summing it all up
Our Concept
We decided to create a game about racial discrimination.

An art gallery, that the player can walk through and view the art.

At the end, there is a mini game for the viewer to play, which is intended to reinforce the concept.

Hopefully a thought provoking experience.

Creation of the game. This was due to only one member of the group studying gaming.

Time restrictions. Due to limited time, we were limited to how detailed our game could be.
Future Improvements
Time management. We could have managed our time better and not added items to the games last minute.

Communication. As a group we could have communicated a little better from the beginning to be able to complete things sooner and quicker.
Mini Game
The game happens in a shooting range where you can shoot whoever you think is the bad guy.

The message that we are trying to send with the game can be supported by many occasions where a coloured person was misjudged.

Projects Components
3 Images
Working Progress

Dom Lafaele
Nicole Matouk
Eyan Tay
Victor Galhardo
Team Members:
Sound Track

Satirical illustration

Thought provking imagery
Children and their social identity

Children and racial prejudice

Assuming roles they believe to be right
'White' Beauty Standards

Commercially promoted beauty and cosmetic products.

Diverse beauty is NOT celebrated

colour can result in different outcomes

- Few examples of racial discrimination:

1. Traffic stop
2. Social experiment testing open carry gun laws
3. Borrowing phones

Sussanah Walker:
Style and Status: Selling Beauty to African America Women, 1920-1975
Week 5: Group was formed, we came up with our concept
Week 6: Worked on our proposal, delegated tasks.
Week 8: Began our images
Week 9: Continued working on our images
Wk 10: Game structure was built
Wk 11: Mini game was completed
Wk 12: Added images and sound to the game

As soon as our concept and media type were decided, we delegated tasks, so that everyone was clear on their role, and had a goal to work toward.

We created a Facebook group, to be able to communicate with each other. It was the most efficent way to share ideas and concerns, as well as uploading and sharing files.

We were rarely in class all at one time, so we planned to meet up once a week, to all work on the project together.
Racial Discrimination
As the museum was based on racisim, we decided a sad sounding song would best suit the soundtrack.

Our plan for the minigame was a more violent theme so we decided on something more explicit
- May not be about colour

-Some people are different

-The media promotes racial discrimination
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