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Business Assignment


megan byrne

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Business Assignment

Enterprising person : Geraldine Dunne Business Interview Would you recommend this path ? What have you learned from your experiences? What made you want to do this job? Who or what influenced you? Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? What mistakes have you made ? Do you enjoy your job? If you had to start again would you do anything differently ? What advice would you give to someone starting off ? Who or What inspired you ? Why did you pick this job? Did you know from the start you wanted to do this job ? What does your company do ? Do you hope to expand your business ? What are some obstacles you face ? Did it take long for your business to grow ? Have you been badly effected by the recession? What are some of your achievements ? Whats your favorite part of your job ? Is team work important in running an enterprise ? Why I choose this enterprising person ? Background Thank You for listening

The End Hopefully retiring from work !!! Having the expectation that I can deal with HR as efficiently as someone who is professionally trained to do so.
How to deal with people and basically how to run a business successfully. Yes - but certainly avoid the construction industry if you want to avoid stress!!!
Architects, Project Managers, Interior Designers - specializing in Universities, Hospitals, Laboratories, R&D and Industrial Projects.
Yes. Currently the largest architectural practice in Ireland. Potential Negative Economic factors both at home and abroad are the key obstacles going forward. The company where I work was founded in 1913. I'm with the company 10 years approx. Previously, I was Finance Director for Druids Glen and worked there from the start up of the operation. Yes. Downturn from approx 200 staff to a current staff of 80. However in the current climate - 80 Architectural staff in Ireland is excellent. It's all about team work. Together it's about managing the finances during the current economic climate and steering the company in the right direction. No favorite......the complete package. Teamwork is Everything!!! Without teamwork a business will fail (unless it's a sole trader operation). Geraldine Dunne was the Financial Director for Druids Glen Golf Club from the start but she is now the financial director and accountant of RKD Architects and has been for the last 10 years . I choose to interview Geraldine because i consider her to be an enterprising person . I also choose to interview her because i wanted to know more about her job . When I left school I worked as a Secretary for a small firm of Accountants and they encouraged me to go back to College at nighttime and qualify as an Accountant.
Natural Progression. Try everything you can before you decide what you want to specialise in. You can take inspiration every day from the people around you.......you only have to open your eyes. By sheer chance. Definite No.
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