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IDT 501 Final Project Human-Centered Design Principles Review of Half.com

Marsha Bleser

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of MGB_HumanCenteredDesign

A review of Half.com Malleability Coherence Inclusiveness Transcendence Human Centered Design Ownership
Systems designers “will need to be competent in the design of systems and organizations that display the following characteristics” (Cooley, 2000, p. 68).

Half.com demonstrates the human centered design characteristic of coherence. It is easy to see what is “going on and what is possible” (Cooley, 2000, p. 68). Quote from Wurman:

“I believe that it's important to view the interface as an opportunity to seduce people – not for nefarious reasons, but to enhance their experiences and lives” (Wurman, 2001, p. 30).
Half.com invites us to be “a part of the community of activities with which you are familiar and on friendly terms” (Cooley, 2000, p. 68). Half.com demonstrates the characteristic of “transcendence”. "When operating the system, the user should be encouraged, enticed, and even provoked to transcend the immediate task requirements" (Cooley, 2000, p. 70). Malleability is the ability to “sculpt the environment to suit one's own instrumental needs, aesthetic tastes, and craft traditions” (Cooley, 2000, p. 68).

Even though Half.com allows us to decide what we would like to do next, I think it falls short in malleability because it does not allow us to change the layout of the site.
I think Half.com is a site that demonstrates human-centered design characteristics. But, is there room for improvement? Thank you "Ownership: A feeling that you have created and thereby own parts of the system" (Cooley, 2000, p. 68). I think that Half.com falls short in the category ownership. Thank you for viewing my review of Half.com and human-centered design characteristics. References:

Cooley, Mike. (2000). Chaos, Order and Sense-Making. In R. Jacobson (Ed.), Information Design (pp. 68-70) Cambridge: MIT Press.

Wurman, R. S. (2001). Information Anxiety 2. Indianapolis: Que.

Images retrieved from: www.half.ebay.com
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