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Shock Point

No description

Erin Conroy

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Shock Point

By April Henry
Cassie Streng is a 16 year old girl who lives in Oregon. She comes home from school one day and is abducted by two men that she doesn't know. She tries to fight back by punching and kicking, but they obviously were experienced in doing this. Her mother Jackie and stepfather Rick watch everything while her mother is packing up Cassie's suitcase. Cassie hates her stepfather, Rick. The reason for Cassie being taken was all because Rick told Jackie that he found crystal meth in Cassie's room. Except Cassie didn't do drugs at all, which means Rick must have planted it in her room. Rick has a job as a therapist for troubled teens who do drugs and other bad things. Rick recently used some experimental drugs that no one knew killed 3 teens. No one knew that the kids were even taking these drugs, except Rick and now Cassie. Cassie came up with a plan to expose Rick with the help of her friend Thatcher before she was taken from these men. Rick found out about this plan and is now sending her to a brutal boot camp for teens all the way in Mexico.
Peaceful Cove
The Escape
If Cassie and Hayley escapes from Peaceful Cove
If Rick is ever stopped
and what else goes on in Cassie's life,
I would recommend this book to any boys and girls that like the author April Henry, and have read other books by her
Shock Point
Peaceful Cove is more like a prison then a school. They beat kids when someone breaks a rule or talks back. No one in the whole world knows what goes on at Peaceful Cove because when you're there, your not aloud to have any connection with the outside world; no phone calls or even letters. Cassie must follow a long list of rules. She can't cross her legs, wear her hair down, look into anyone's eyes,wear anything than the shirt and shorts they give you, or even talk to anyone, sit, or stand without permission. If you break any of these rules, you are put into OP, which is where the teens lay face down on the dirty ground for a large amount of days, maybe even for months. Everything is legal because they trick your parents into signing a contract that doesn't tell you anything that goes on there. People at Peaceful Cove are usually there for about 2 to 5 years. When you reach level 6, you are free to go back to where you came from. Cassie knows that she needs to get back to Oregon to stop teens from dying from Socom, she knows that she soon needs to escape.
Anyone that has tried to escape from Peaceful Cove has been shot dead. But Cassie couldn't stay any longer. She met a girl named Hayley who wanted to escape to. One night, they plan their escape. They first have to go get their suitcases out of the office closet, and then they go outside which is fenced in with barb wire. Their plan was to swim in the open pipe that goes under the fence. They run over to the pipe when they hear loud hollers. They look back and see about 3 different flashlights looking for them. They are then spotted...
If you want to find out...
Read Shock Point By: April Henry
Action Tiny bit of romance
Speculative Fiction adventure
Thoughts about book:
I really liked this book because it NEVER got boring and wasn't really like any of the other books this author has written, which I personally liked about it.
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