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My book of choice.

Azhad Ahmad

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Book of Choice ASSASSIN'S CREED RENAISSANCE

ASSASSIN'S CREED RENAISSANCE By: Oliver Bowden A presentation by:
Syed Ahmad Azhad Bin Ahmad Rosehaizat In this story, the assassins and templars
are in search of the "Apple of Eden". This apple can control people's minds and is one of the pieces to open an ancient underground vault which contains a powerful secret. The character I'm most like is Piero de Medeci.
Why? I'm like him because I'm not so tactful of what to do just like him and I try hard (sometimes not) yet it still doesn't work out and same thing happens to him in the story. Other simlarities are that I try persuade people about stuff but it doesn't work and that I can anger people very easily sometimes, just like how he does in the story. The difference is that he insults people a lot of times unlike me. (Maybe not) Gilberto the Fox Gilberto is one of
the assassins in the order.
He can see everything but cannot
be seen and knows many things
unknown to others. I chose this photo of a fox because
Gilberto was named the fox because of
his stealth,speed and slyness. #3 #4 #7 #8 A monk came running from it in fear. He accosted the monk,"Whoa, there, Brother. It's all right!"
The monk looked at him, wild eyed. "Stay away, my friend. If you value your life!"
"What's happened here?"
"Soldiers from Rome seized our church! They've scattered my brothers, asking questions that make
no sense. They keep demanding we give them fruit!"
"What kind of fruit?"
"Apples? Diavolo! Rodrigo has got here before me!" hissed Ezio to himself.
(Page 438) This is my favorite passage because the monk thinks
that the soldiers are looking for a real apple but actually they're looking for the "Apple of Eden" which none of them have. It makes me laugh a bit to read that the monk doesn't understand at all and thinks that people are going mad. #1 One word I didn't understand in the
book was conflagration.

Definition: A large and destructive fire
Sentence(Book): Leonardo's flying machine had
crashed into St. Mark's Square, already a conflagration, and had burnt to ashes no one would dare approach the strange contraption. (Page 316
Sentence(Own): A kid played with matches and started a great conflagration turning houses to ashes. One thing in the story that has a connection
in society today is that there are many deaths per day
because criminals murder people around the world. The same thing happens in the story where there are many deaths but it is the opposite way around. The criminals in the story are being assassinated but the connection is that in our world, there are many deaths because of murders and this happens as well in the story. #9 #2 This is the scene when Ezio catches up
with Leonardo as they pass through a rocky, steep gorge. The scene itself shows that
Ezio and his friend Leonardo
can be ambushed very easily after
the amush on the duke of Florence
making it good timing for this part to
come in. Ezio actually does get ambushed
in this scene. #6 #10 "Nothing is True. Everything is permitted." This is one of the themes in the story
and here are four quotes or phrases to prove it. 1) "Anyone would think you mad if you did tell them," Leonardo
continued, but his voice was excited,"Listen. I think I have found a way to make man fly!" (Page 245)

Ezio had laughed at this idea but when he actually tried the machine Leonardo made, it actually worked. This shows that whatever ideas that sound ridiculous can still become true so this does support the theme. 2) He pored over the manuscript more. "I know what this is!
It's a firearm, but on a minature scale - as small as a humming-bird in fact."
"That doesn't sound possible,"said Ezio.
"Only one way to find out, and that's to make it," said Leonardo. (Page 319)

Leonardo actually acomplished making the minature firearm which Ezio said was not possible. Again he was proved wrong and this shows that there are no limits so this supports the theme. 3) "I can't quite make it out, but if I'm right
this section contains a formula for a metal
or an alloy that we know nothing of - and
that, logically, shouldn't possibly exist!" (Page 163)

Leonardo is looking at a Codex page written by Altair
who was an assassin that lived about 3 centuries before
Leonardo's time but the formula for the metal or alloy which
nobody knew about. This shows that we may know some
things and say other things shouldn't exist until the future but
that information can be known by others. This passage proves
and supports the theme. 4) Emilio made a fist of his right hand."I'll crush
him like the bedbug he is!" he snarled.
"Well, he's certainly sucking the blood out of you. Who
knows if he's not here now, listening to us as we speak?'
"Now Carlo - you'll be telling me next you believe in ghosts." (Page 285)

Carlo Grimaldii is talking to Emilio Barbarigo and warns him
that Ezio might be listening to them but emilio doesn't believe. Ezio was actually listening to them at that moment. This shows that there can be endless possibilities to what may be happening so this supports the 2nd part of the theme where it says that everything is permitted. #5 One quality of Ezio is that he has determination
even when part of his family was murdered or when
he regained the Apple of Eden but it was taken away from him. He didn't just quit or take a long rest but he actually went and searched for the things that were taken. He was determined to save every good person's life and to not let the Templars take over.

One event that showed his determination was when determined to ride to Rome when he found out from the Codex pages that the vault was in Rome. He was determined to stop Rodrigo Borgia and to take the risk of taking the Apple of Eden with him towards the enemy. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING So that was my Book of Choice.
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